Emily and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I had met during the spring of 2010. He was home for the summer from college and I had just graduated from high school, when we met at a mutual summer job. Little did we know, we only grew up a mile away from one another and shared many mutual friends from school and church. Short on time one evening, Scott had asked for me to join him for a quick bite to eat at Dairy Queen. Our first date only lasting 15 minutes, we hit it off in no time. By summers end, Scott had to go back to school, as I stayed local to attend college. I was terrified that all of the fun and dates we shared during the summer would quickly come to an end. He ensured me that this wouldn’t be the case. Scott and I dated long distance for a year, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. It taught us both the true meaning of love, patience and trust. The next few years had continued to be filled with many trials and tribulations as we had finished up school, began the tough journey into our careers and faced many adult decisions along the way. Throughout our journey of being a couple, we had found the hustle and bustle of New York City, Brooklyn to be specific, to be our happy place. To Scott, it was a no brainer that he would later propose to me there.

Image 1 of Emily and Scott

how they asked

After one very long, stressful year of getting our feet on the ground and landing dream jobs, Scott had insisted we take a weekend away to the City for some R&R, celebrate our new jobs, our love for one another and an early birthday to me. Typically when we would visit the city, we never had a set agenda; we would do as New Yorkers do or I got stuck planning our agenda (Naturally, the event planner in me always got the better of the plans, as I always planned every last detail whenever we traveled). The two weeks leading up to our weekend away, was filled with much suspicion as Scott booked multiple reservations, scheduled us to see a show and showed much concern on the timing of everything. Our night in the city had been nothing short of magical and romantic, but did little did I know, Scott had more up his sleeve. By ten o’clock, We concluded the perfect evening together with a cab ride to Prospect Park. Scott had led us to the bridge that overlooked the Brooklyn Boat House. For the first time in the five years we were together, Scott, who always had something to say, was fumbling for the words that would change our lives forever. He distracted me by pointing out the swans swimming by and asked if I would care for a mint. As quick as I said yes, still focusing on the swans, Scott began fumbling for the mint container which held my ring. Until this day, I still cannot get the prefect image of him down on one knee as I turned around to get that mint from him. Shining back at me was the most beautiful diamond and the love of my life asking me to be his wife. Choking back tears, of course I said yes, as I had dreamed of this day since our first date..

Image 2 of Emily and Scott