Scott and Craig

How We Met

Scott: We met on a dating app called Scruff. Basically, you “woof” at men you think are good looking (perfect for all the dog lovers, LOL). Craig woofed at me first, so I messaged him back. It just so happened that I knew of Craig for years already. He has a big YouTube following as he makes comedy, improv, and impression videos. My family had been watching him for years and we have a bunch of inside jokes based on his videos. Since he lives in Chicago, IL and I live in Columbus, OH, we FaceTimed for about a month and we finally met for the first time in Columbus about a month after we started talking. We spent a great weekend together exploring the city and the rest is history. I would say we fell pretty hard for one another after the first time we met. It’s crazy how things happen. In my alternate reality while watching his videos growing up, “in my mind” I always thought we would get married one day… probably like many other guys and gals. It’s surreal that we are now engaged.

How They Asked

Craig: Well, making videos and editing are certainly my forte, so I knew I wanted to make him a video. I really love The Carpenters and corny love songs from the 70s. So instantly “(They Long To Be) Close To You” came to mind. I got a bunch of custom items with his face on it: a coffee mug, shower curtain, blanket, poster, etc. and the thought behind it was that even when we’re apart, I still feel “Close to” him. We were home in Florida staying with my family and I told him I wanted him to watch something, so I sat him down at the TV and made him watch. Afterward, I got down on one knee and told him I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. His mom wanted me to videotape his reaction so I was secretly taping him the whole time. Here is the link of the video I made plus his reaction if you want to watch the video:

He said yes! (with a little help from Karen Carpenter)

When thinking of ways to propose to my boyfriend, I figure I'd stick to doing what do I best <3 and make him a video

Posted by Craigery Morgan on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

We called all our close friends and family to inform them of the exciting news, then drove to Orlando, FL and spent the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!



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