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how we met

We met on December 7, 2015 at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner. We had both been going to the same church since August, but it was in God’s plan for them to not meet for another 4 months. At the birthday dinner we ended up sitting across from each other. The conversation was light but ever so valuable. After a brief dinner, we said goodbye, yet we both left with a desire to know the other. A couple of weeks later, while I was in South Carolina for Christmas, I received a text message from a friend that showed a picture of Caity. The text simply read “thoughts?” This text was very exciting for me, as I had been thinking about Caity since we met on December 7th. We began messaging back and forth that night. Upon my return to Texas, Caity picked me up from the airport, and our connection was instant. The days following my arrival to Dallas were incredible. Caity and I were talking constantly. We spent every moment together that we could. After just 17 days, I asked Caity if she would “do me a favor,” and become my girlfriend. Of course, Caity said yes.

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how they asked

As weeks turned to months, we knew early on that we wanted to get married. I began looking at rings, writing down ideas, scouting locations, etc. Then the day came to talk to Caity’s father. On May 31st, while Caity was at work, I secretly sat down with Caity’s dad, Rick, and received permission to marry his only daughter. A couple of weeks later, I also talked with Caity’s mom, Debbie. With their help, I began planning the proposal…

Sunday evening of June 19th, we had plans to see the movie “Finding Dory” followed by a birthday outing for a friend. However, these plans were a coverup. Weeks before, I found the rooftop of Southside on Lamar. I began talking with friends, family, photographers, etc. We arrived to Southside on Lamar to briefly see the sunset over the city before our movie. Once on the elevator, I blindfolded Caity, and so the surprise began. We got to the rooftop, where a guitarist was playing and our loved ones were waiting! Caity, still blindfolded, kept saying she was “scared,” but not for long.

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With her back turned to the party, I took the blindfold off, and started my proposal speech. Right then, she knew what was happening! I got on one knee to ask the big question, and through lots of happy tears, she said yes. Everyone started cheering, and it was a beautiful evening.

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