Brooke and Scott

Where to Propose in Maine

How We Met

We met at a slowly developing Philadelphia Eagles watch party in Austin, TX. I know it’s hard to imagine that one even exists, but back then we had about 20 people attend. Now we have over 200 members that come out every week! And we officially run the Austin’s Eagles Nest. I like to think of us as the king and queen :)

Scott challenges me for sure! He definitely has opened up my culinary palette and we now travel for new food adventures!I like to think I have helped Scott to become more in touch with his feelings regarding cats. He will deny it, but he loves our little Leokins as much as he loves our mini Aussie, Penn.

But seriously, I knew he was the one when I realized we both had this crazy obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles and his east coast personality hadn’t been lost moving to Austin. His parents and grandparents have also been married a long time and he told me this was something he valued as well in a relationship.

Proposal Ideas Maine

How They Asked

The proposal was epic! We had a fabulous room at the Cliff House in Maine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was New Year’s Eve and we had the TV turned to Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and a fire going in the fireplace. After the clock stuck midnight, the resort shot off fireworks over the ocean. As I was watching the fireworks, Scott handed me a champagne glass and on the glass was etched “will you marry me?”It was absolutely perfect!

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