Brittany and Scott

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How We Met

We met in 2011 while I was a senior at the University of Missouri. My best friend Ashley introduced us and it was not necessarily love at first site. I thought Scott was cute but with it being my senior year of college being in a serious relationship wasn’t something that was a priority of mine at the time, so I didn’t pursue. Once I graduated in the spring of 2012 I moved back to Saint Louis. One night out I ran into Scott and some of his friends at a bar in downtown St. Louis. The second time hanging out with him I couldn’t help but become a little more interested as his charm and humor has kept me by his side ever since.

how they asked

Scott travels a lot for his job and frequently visits different cities along the West Coast. He has always told me Laguna Beach was one of his favorite places in California and has always wanted to take me there. We decided to take a trip to Laguna this year for my 26th birthday because I had never been to California. Scott told me that on Friday night he wanted to take me out to a really nice dinner to celebrate my birthday and the only details I received was to “dress nicely”. As we were getting ready for dinner he told me about a spot he wanted to watch the sunset at before dinner. We always watch the sunset when we are on vacation so this was something that wasn’t out of the ordinary for us. As we walked up to browns park in downtown Laguna I was immediately in awe at how beautiful this lookout was. There were a few other couples watching the sunset when we got there. As we walked up to the ledge I turned around to Scott and he was down on one knee. Everyone who has been there watching the sunset were gone and it was just Scott and I. He started telling me that three years ago while he was in Laguna beach he found this spot, “I knew that night when I first came here it was the spot I wanted to propose to you someday, I was overcome with this feeling and it just felt right.” He kept talking but I don’t remember anything he was saying after that. I’m pretty sure I said “YES!” Before he even asked me to marry him. He also hired a photographer who took some great candids. She did such an amazing job. Every time I look at the pictures it looks like something out of a fairy tale and I can’t believe it’s us in them. He truly made my reality better than my dreams that night and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

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Special Thanks

Katie Clark
 | Photographer