Ashley and Scott

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How We Met

Scotty and I have an interesting love story. We matched on Tinder back in February of 2016. At first I was new to Tinder so I was hesitant about the whole situation. We exchanged numbers and added each other on social media. After a few weeks of communicating over text message and Facetime, we decided to meet. Scotty had planned a three-part date in one day. He took me to sushi, then we went hiking, followed by some s’mores by a bonfire. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. We have the same personality and the same interest. We’re soulmates!

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how they asked

Although the way we met is interesting, our engagement is the best part! Around March (2018), we noticed that Criss Angel, the famous magician, was performing at a theatre near us. I have always wanted to see him live, so Scotty went out of his way to buy us front row tickets. Scotty works in probation, but he left work early the day of the show, so I knew he might be getting a few calls here and there. He notified me that if he gets a call during the show that he might need to step out for a little bit. Halfway through the show he tapped me on the shoulder and told that he got a call from one of his coworkers and that he had to step out. It was then when Criss Angel was asking for four female volunteers. Of course, I was more than willing to volunteer. I had my hand raised to go up on stage, he looked at me and walked right past me. He chose a woman about 10 rows behind me and two other women from the other side of the theatre. He later than announced that he saw another female on the other side that he would like to bring on stage. He approached me and took my hand to guide me to a seat on the stage.

He performed about 3 or 4 magic tricks while I was on stage. I was a bit upset because I kept turning around, and Scotty was nowhere to be seen. He was missing my “5 minutes of fame”. After he performed a few magic tricks, Criss Angel asked to see all of the rings on my hand. I typically wear about 5 rings on my hand. He pointed to one of my rings that I got off of Amazon and asked me if it was important or if it meant anything to me. I responded saying “no” but that I do have a promise ring from my boyfriend. He proceeded to ask me what a promise ring means in a relationship. I explained how it means being faithful, trusting each other, and always loving one another through thick and thin. After I explain this to him he smiled and asked if he could make my ring from Amazon disappear, and of course I said yes. After he made me a ring disappear in front of my face he proceeded to make the ring disappear. Then he asked me, “didn’t you have an engagement ring on your finger?” I was clueless and responded “no”. All of a sudden I heard the crowd gasp. I turned around and Scotty walked onto the stage and got down on his knee and proposed to me. In the moment, it was just him and I. I was crying uncontrollably and responded saying “yes”. I later found out that Scotty had been sending letters to Criss Angel’s P.O. Box for months, until his manager noticed that someone kept sending the same letter, over and over. It was the most magical proposal I could have ever dreamed of (literally)!

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Special Thanks

Criss Angel
 | Criss Angel and his manager assisted with the planning and execution of the proposal.