Scotia and Lashad

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Lashad serves in the navy, and is stationed in San Diego. Because of his work and him being so far away I barley get to see him. He planned leaved time to come home so we can spend some time together he was suppose to come home January 19th so I thought. My friend planned a girls day for us where we went to lunch, shopping, and got our nails done. That morning lashad told me that he had security work to do so he wasn’t able to have his phone and I wouldn’t be able to talk to him all day. After me and my friend got our nails done she’s aid we had to go back to her house because she forgot to pack her daughters medicine. We went to her house and her husband was sitting on the couch, he asked her if she seen a video he tagged her in on Facebook, she said no then he played a message on the tv. It was lashad.!!! I was so confused I didn’t know what was going on. In the video it was him holding up signs saying how much he loved me and he had a question to ask me. The question was so hard for him to ask so he asked for help. In the video it was all of our family and friends holding up a paper saying “Scotia Will you” crying and filled with emotions I finally knew he was asking me to marry him. At the end of the video he did a count down and lashad came out from the back I ran up to him next thing I know he was down on one knee…

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