Scot and Daniel

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How We Met

I was just hired at a bank in the fraud dept. and my team all had others from another team sit by us to train us. Scot got assigned to me. We chatted and I found out he know alot about computers and I was having trouble with mine. It was so easy to talk to him and I felt very comfortable right away.

When he came over we chatted along time and learned a little about each other. We had a lot in common and started hanging out more often. Each time we hung out I could see us passing the friendship stage and entering a deeper relationship. We got along so easily and liked doing alot of the same things. He is kind of a home body and I love going out and doing things, so he has introduced me to things I normally wouldn’t do and I have done the same.

I eventually told him I loved him, he didn’t say it right away but I knew he felt the same way. We moved in together after a few months after his roommate moved out and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

how they asked

I knew once the laws for gay marriage got passed that I wanted to marry Scot asap. I also knew I didn’t want a boring type of proposal and I wanted to surprise him. He is very trusting and never questions me on anything, which is good because it make pulling the surprise off that much easier.

I got with a buddy of mine that likes to perform and sing and asked him if I gave him some songs if he would sing these for me at the proposal. He said yes and even got a friend of him to help. I got 5 songs Baby by Justin Bieber, Let it Go, Love you Like a Love song, Rude, and Fancy and I tweeked the lyrics to fit our situation-like let it go, I love you so. He Spells his name with only one T and we make fun of that alot so on Love you like a love song instead of saying repeat peat peat , I changed it to Scot with one T, T , T.

So while my friends worked out a routine for the songs, I contacted a local theater company and asked if they would help with the surprise. They are just the best and right away said they would love to. They said love is love and couldn’t wait for the proposal.

So I had my friends arrive at the theater early and get ready and one to set up the camera to film. I told Scot the play started early and he didn’t question me at all. We get there and he sees a couple of my friends and few others planted to look like it was another normal night. Then the playhouse woman Brook asked me to help her get something off a shelve as I am tall. It was really a ploy so I could get away and change into a suit. As I was changing Rene and Delicia started singing. My heart was beating so much, I love him so much and was so excited.

After getting in my suit, they had pulled Scot on stage and I walked out tears in eyes, got on one knee and said you know I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me? I was so nervous I put the ring on the wrong finger, but he immediately said yes and kissed me and gave me a huge hug. That was the best moment in my life and something I’ll never forget. He said he had no clue that I planned the whole thing. I watch the video over and over and cry each time.

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