Scherise and Calvin

Proposal Ideas Bali, Indonesia

How We Met

Scherise and Calvin met at Scherise’s annual college fashion show at Adelphi University. She was partnered with Calvin for a scene and it was evident Scherise was uncomfortable. That and because her first perception of Calvin was that he was an unfriendly guy. The scene included both of them gazing into each other’s eyes for a romantic skit. It was so awkward. To lighten up the mood Calvin made jokes and tried his best to make her feel comfortable. Scherise rolled her eyes every time. Shortly thereafter, she warmed up to Calvin and the two became friends. As they spent time with each other the both of them fell in love and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Scherise planned an elaborate surprise birthday trip to one of the most romantic places, Bali. This trip was months in the making and she wanted it to be perfect. She did all of this without knowing that she would wake up on her first day in Bali to Calvin proposing. He woke her up on their first day after a twenty-one-hour flight to see the sunrise. Scherise was exhausted. She ignored him several times and was so annoyed that he had the nerve to wake her.

Calvin was finally able to convince Scherise and they headed to the tip of the resort they were staying and made it to the beach. They proceeded to walk to their resort’s longest dock and there Calvin popped the question. It was so romantic and so magical. Definitely, a day to remember.

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