Schelle and Adam

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

How We Met

Adam and I met by swiping right to each other on OkCupid, both after pretty rough breakups. We started talking December 2015, stopped talking in the middle of January 2016. I was “dating” around on Valentines Day 2016 and felt like I was wasting time so I prayed for some guidance on how to go about the couple guys I was seeing and all of a sudden I received a text from Adam. He said, “Hey, we haven’t talked in a while just wanted to check up and see how you are.” We continued to talk but I kept pushing off meeting Adam. I wondered what if I wasn’t who he thought I was, what if I didn’t live up to his expectations. He was pretty persistent and we finally met after four months of off and on again talking.

How They Asked

Adam and I have been avid road trippers getting away whenever we can. Our favorite thing to do together is going places we haven’t been. Starting in May 2016, we went to Denver and since then we have crossed off 24 states off of our road trip map!

Adam was hospitalized April 28, 2018, after fighting a 100+ degree fever and being covered in random rashes for over a week. Every day that passed a different diagnosis was given. When we first arrived, he was given a spinal tap. I called his mom and asked for her to drive the hour down so I can go home and take a shower and come back to be with him. I cried to his parents and stepmom daily because I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know his insurance information, I didn’t know how we were going to pay rent for the month that was due on May 1st because I had no access to his checkbook or bank account. Doctors kept going back and forth between meningitis, pneumonia, an allergic reaction, mono, dehydration, then he was finally diagnosed with Epstein Barr. I didn’t want anything to happen to him, we had talked about marriage and kids but I felt like I was watching that all slip through my fingers. Day seven of the hospital stay, Adam was finally realizing what was going on around him, his fever had broke, his rash was gone but his headaches were awful. He had a spinal leak from the spinal tap which was causing painful headaches. Day ten they had the put a nerve block in his nose and he was finally released on day eleven.

The struggle of seeing the guy you want to marry in a hospital bed with a different diagnosis by the hour was overwhelming. I would wake up every morning to go to work for an hour but had little sleep from the cot I was laying on, the nurses coming in at four in the morning to get bloodwork done, and the thought of leaving Adam and losing him I couldn’t do the job to the best of my ability so they’d send me home. I couldn’t be more thankful for my work because our relationship wouldn’t be where it would be without them! After Adam got out of the hospital, he was too weak to do much housework so our parents really helped us so we can return to normal. My dad had come over to mow our grass, and Adam had told him that because of the hospital stay it opened his eyes and he wanted his permission to marry me. My dad said “Of course! We figured it was coming just a matter of when. Welcome to the family.”

We couldn’t travel much after the hospital stay because of playing catch up from missing work. A couple months later, we were ready for a new adventure. Adam’s younger brother is a Baltimore Orioles fan so we wanted to take him and his girlfriend to see them play the Kansas City Royals. Like I usually do with trips I look up off the beaten paths for things to do. I noticed Nebraska and Iowa weren’t too far from Kansas Cify. I found the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and how it shows Iowa and Nebraska’s state line, I had told Adam how neat it would be if we were kissing in two states at the same time so we had to go!

On September 1st, Adam’s brother and girlfriend were up for the adventure. So we left early that morning and headed to Omaha, Nebraska from a small town not far from St Louis, Missouri. We stopped and saw some Underground Railroad stops, the Iowa Welcome Center, and people taking pictures with corn.

When we arrived in Omaha, we were walking up the bridge laughing and smiling because it was two states crossed off our list. Adam had handed his brothers girlfriend his phone to take a picture, took my phone out of my hand and gave it to her too. I was confused because why would she need two phones to take the same picture, when I had turned around Adam was on one knee. He had mentioned how we had been through a rough couple months, haven’t traveled much and can’t wait to see what adventures we do together. He wants his life a little “Fuhler.” A play off of his last name. The small number of people on the bridge clapped and cheered.

We went to an early dinner at a local diner. Then we headed to the Orioles vs Royals game as an engaged couple.

Where to Propose in Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

Adam’s brother and his girlfriend knew since we had left the house that morning. I thought they were awfully quiet but I just thought they were tired from a long drive.

Now the big day is October 26, 2019 ?