Zach and Morgan's Scavenger Hunt Proposal

How I Asked: To me the day that I was going to propose was something that I THOUGHT I was 100% prepared for. Morgan and I had both graduated college together in May of 2013 and we were to celebrate our 7 year anniversary on September 27th. That would be the weekend I would propose.

I had known for a VERY long time that I wanted to one day ask Morgan to be my wife, but I knew that I didn’t want to make that move until I had established a career and was in a comfortable place to do so. I ended up buying the ring in late July and started planning the proposal from there. It was two months in the making and I thought that I was completely ready but when the day finally came around, I was about as nervous as I had ever been in my entire life.

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Morgan and I had gone out for dinner to officially celebrate our 7 years together the night before and I told her what the next day had in store for us…I may have lied, but it was for a good cause! I told her we’d be doing brunch in the morning then spending the day together in DC doing some tourist stuff and then going out to dinner and spending the night in DC. She seemed ok with this, which kept me confident that she wasn’t on to my plan. The next morning was awesome, one of her best friends drove up from Charlottesville and I dropped the first group of girls off at the nail salon. As soon as I was driving away – it hit me! I started thinking about how in roughly 10 hours I’d be asking Morgan to marry me. What you don’t see in the video is me in the background of Morgan’s day…I was running around like a mad man. Aside from the proposal itself, one of the most special aspects of the day was the fact that we were able to get so many family members from both sides on board to keep the secret and take part in the proposal and the party afterwards. As nervous as I was throughout the entire day, whenever I wasn’t dropping people off at locations and coordinating the timing of events I got to spend my time sitting around with my parents, my future in-laws, and more of my future extended family. While I may have seemed a bit calm at times I was freaking out on the inside, constantly checking my phone and getting updates on where certain people where so that things went as planned…luckily everything worked out as it was supposed to! As fun and eventful as the day was leading up to proposal time, the moment when Morgan’s Dad walked her around the house and started coming toward me was the absolute best part of the day.

marriage proposal ideas 12 Two months of planning had gone into this little moment and I was ready to get down on one knee! You’d think with two months of planning I’d have thought of something romantic, clever, or thoughtful to say whenever it came to ask the question. Well, as soon as I got the blindfold off I realized that the one thing I had forgotten to do was think about what I was going to say!! The good thing was that I knew it wasn’t going to matter what I said, as long as the words “will you marry me?” were in there!

Engagement Photos by Jessica Crews Photography