Scarlett and Nathaniel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Japanese Restaurant, Brisbane

How We Met

I’ll take you back to the beginning when we met- I had just gotten out of a bad relationship that had lasted for far too long. Trying to move on I jumped on Tinder, as most people do! And came across my future fiance. We started talking for a few days and finally decided to meet up. From that night on we haven’t spend a night apart over 2 1/2 years. His lease was up so two months later we moved in together. A year after that we moved cities and states and started a fresh life together in Brisbane.

how they asked

Fast forward to the proposal, looking back now I can pick up on the little hints building up to it!. I had planned a lovely special day together to celebrate his Birthday belatedly- we had organised to have a whole week off together to spend some quality time together as well. As I am the organiser of all of our events he thought it would be too suspicious if he tried to do any planning. So here I am planning the perfect day for him- Saturday Morning Markets at the Eumundi Markets followed by a bush hike to some beautiful water falls. I had booked us a table at our favourite Japanese restaurant over looking the River. Leading up to this though he would ask me what sort of table are we sitting at (Is it a sunken table or not- It was) this foiled his plans for getting down on one knee! Woops! He also bought himself a new shirt for his ‘Birthday Dinner’ which he never does. But I didn’t think much of it. Sitting at our sunken table by the windown we had just finished our mains and had ordered deserts when he said he had something for me. So very awkwardly climbed around to sit next to me (he’s not big on being the centre of attention) and looked into my eyes and asked if ‘I would spend the rest of my life with him’ I couldn’t stop saying yes and kissing him- The restaurant was very observant in noticing this and when they brought out our desserts had ‘Happy Anniversary’ written on them! ? Close enough!!!

Proposal Ideas Japanese Restaurant, Brisbane