Sayalee and Eric

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How We Met

In the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. I met my bestfriend at 1600 feet in the clouds, who would become my life partner unbeknownst to me. Best friends for 4 years, I took a leap of faith and flew 7000km away to be with my man, and although we didn’t really understand what this was, we knew there was something worth exploring. 6 Years as partners – a decade of knowing eachother led to this moment.

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How They Asked

I had been teasing him about proposing but didn’t think it would happen for another year. The exact moment was when I saw the recreation of our second date years ago and heard the song, “Drops of jupiter” on the violin I knew this was the moment. I saw his misty eyes as he got down on one knee, I was in complete shock but it was indeed a magical moment, just like a fairytale.

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co.
 | Planning
My Proposal Co.
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