Saw Ean and Paul Tung

It was gonna be a date she is going to remember until the day we both breathe our last. No doubt about it. The date was a significant one as it was just one day after her birthday.

Intricate planning between a couple of her trusted friends and church friends has led to the ‘success’ of it (her not knowing anything about it). Firstly, we got her friends to take her on birthday dinner and movie a day out at Pavilion KL. The only tough thing was, I wasn’t going to join it as you all know, I had to be ‘elsewhere’ managing the proposal team. We almost got into an argument as her friends all brought their couples, meaning she would be the only single one there that night. However, thank God I managed to give her a satisfactory reason not to join her.

The plan was to amass about 25-50 people (church friends & strangers along the walkway) to pop open umbrella under a busy walkway when she is directly above it. Her friends will lead her on the top walkway at exactly a certain hour. Having said that, I will then pop out of nowhere to propose.

By now, we have already been pronounced man and wife. Thank you for all the support shown by our friends and families. We appreciate the energy and time taken to make both our proposal and marriage a success.

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed”
Ecclesiastes 4:9

– Paul Tung