Savhanna and Ryan

Savhanna and Ryan's Engagement in Austin TX

How We Met

I met Ryan in our tiny home town in Kentucky. I was working the host stand at a pizza place and he was in the kitchen making pizzas. We were both dating other people but immediately hit it off! We would chat when it was slow and became great friends. Over a year later we both found ourselves single and I made him be a waiter so he could spend more time with me at work.

We started spending more time together, getting lunch before work or watching a movie on our night off. After a few months of that Ryan took me to the fair and when we got back to the place he looked at me and said: “you’re my girlfriend, right?” Within 6 months we moved in together and up to the city for his new job. We dated for three years and I knew he was the one.

How They Asked

One of the things we love doing is traveling with friends to explore new cities, eat new food and discover new beer! So I told him we were taking a long weekend to drive to Chicago to spend time with our friends. Little did he know I had been planning a surprise with my friend to taking our partners to Texas for a week of warm weather! We told them we were running some errands but had the car packed and drove to the airport! Little did I know that Ryan had been planning a proposal in Chicago! Everyone was in on my surprise for him, but some people were playing double agent and knew he was going to propose!

Savhanna's Proposal in Austin TX

We all get to Austin Tx and on day two Ryan suggests the botanical gardens to kill some time and get out of the sun. I was not ready to go and instead insisted on going downtown to grab a coffee and sightsee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Austin TX

Eventually, my friend convinced me that the gardens will be fun and we go. Ryan kept wanting pictures in front of weird plants (he NEVER suggests taking pictures) but it was beautiful and we were having a great time so I didn’t think anything of it. We get to this beautiful pond with a little rock you can stand on and he wanted another picture as I’m trying to get my friend over for a selfie. We are posing for a picture and he whispers to me “you weren’t the only one that planned a surprise” and got down on one knee. It was perfect. We got pictures and a video of. I can’t wait to marry the kindest and most amazing man I have ever met!

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