Savannah Lee and Raul

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How We Met

It’s a love story for the ages! We met in high school in my sophomore year and in his freshman year. We went to different schools so we would see each other occasionally when our sports teams played one another. Then my senior year we started dating. He took me to homecoming and prom. We did break up shortly after and went our separate ways.

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In my senior year in college, one of my teammates was dating his best friend at the time. So I would ask her occasionally how Raul was doing… we then started talking awhile afterward and decided to give it another shot! November 28 2020 was our five-year anniversary and the day he asked me to be his wife!

How They Asked

This was a special day because it was our 5 year anniversary. Raul had already planned to see the winter lights festival and then go to dinner afterward. Little did I know he was also planning on asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. We started walking through the light show and he stopped me in the middle of the heart lights to tell me how much we loved me and that one day he will make me his wife he then pulled out a ring pop (it’s our inside joke) I laughed so hard I said gosh you really had me and then he said oh I’m sorry that’s the wrong ring and pulled out a different flavored ring pop and said ok I think is the right one.

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He then told me I know it’s not the ring you want but one day I promise to get you the ring you deserve. We then walked a few more steps and that’s when he stopped got down on one knee and popped the question 🤍. I just started crying and then I realized he had got both of our families out there to witness the best moment of our lives!

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Special Thanks

Charles Martinez
 | Photographer