Savannah and Zachary

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rainbow lodge restaurant

Where do I begin! I met this man my first year in college and I knew I would marry this guy! A year into our relationship he took an oilfield job and we have been distant for 4 years, but stronger than ever! I recently just graduated from respiratory medical school on December 13 and Zach told me he wanted to take me out for a graduation gift. So I told him ok sounds nice just tell me a time and I’ll get ready. He was getting dressed all fancy and I was thinking “ omg where are we going” he took me to a restaurant in Houston called the rainbow lodge! It was so beautiful ? we had a 6 course meal and wine with every entree and a story with eat meal where it is from along with the wine! So cute of him ! I had a little much to drink at dinner and got in my feeling haha asking “when will you marry me” haha he said “Savannah let’s just enjoy this time” after dinner he took me outside where there was stairs down to a creek with lights everywhere. I didn’t know that he had called the restaurant and told them he was going to propose and had the waiter video this moment! I thought we were taking a picture and he got on one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his best friend!

Savannah's Proposal in Rainbow lodge restaurant