Savannah and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I have known each other for our entire lives, literally. We were born on the exact same day at the exact same hospital. Crazy, right?! In the 6th grade, Tyler gained the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend over a phone call. I said yes, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. We broke up the next day. However, Tyler never gave up. We became best friends after that and we stayed friends all throughout middle school and high school.

Savannah's Proposal in Cedartown, Georgia

We told each other everything and spent so much time together. Finally, when we were 15, Tyler confessed to me that he loved me and he always had. I told him that I felt the same way. We started dating and we have been together ever since, for 7 years. Watching each other grow up and being there for each other through every phase of our lives has been such an amazing and special adventure.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cedartown, Georgia

Proposal Ideas Cedartown, Georgia

Savannah and Tyler's Engagement in Cedartown, Georgia

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How They Asked

Tyler never does anything without thoughtfully planning every step and making sure everything is perfect. He says that he drove around for weeks just to make sure the leaves were the perfect color for him to propose. On November 3rd, 2018, Tyler told my brother and his girlfriend Baylee to ask us if we wanted to take a trip up to Atlanta to go explore Ponce City for the day. I, of course, said yes and got dressed, thinking that was where we were going. We all got in the car to head to Atlanta.

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When we were on our way, my dad called and said his friend had just gotten a new puppy and that we all needed to stop by and see it on the way. Anyone that knows me, knows that animals of any kind are my weakness, and I will do just about anything to hold a puppy or kitten. So, we all turn around and head to my dad’s friend’s house to see this “puppy.” Right when we got there, my dad was standing outside on the driveway. We all parked, and he said he that the puppy was down by the lake and I just had to see it! We started walking down the driveway, and that’s what I saw everything. Tyler had set up pictures of us, from every stage in our life, hanging on a tree.

I started tearing up, and then the music started to play. As we kept walking toward the lake, I knew what was about to happen. I had been waiting for this moment for years and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. There were rose petals set up all the way out onto a platform in front of the lake, and in the middle of the platform was a set of candles arranged into a heart.

Here comes the funny part. As we started to walk down toward the lake, Tyler reached into his pocket, and the ring wasn’t there. He had told my dad earlier that day to hold onto the ring until we got to the lake and for my dad to hand it to him right when we got there. My dad totally forgot. When we turned around, my dad was running as fast as he could up the driveway to get the ring out of his car. It was absolutely hilarious and it definitely seemed like a scene from a TV show. He got back and handed the ring to Tyler and said: “you can’t propose without a ring can you?” We could not stop laughing. Then, the next thing I knew, Tyler was getting on one knee, for real this time. With tears running down his face, he asked me to marry him. I said yes, barely able to speak because of how hard I was crying, and when I turned around, all of our closest friends and family were standing behind us, cheering.

It was the most special, beautiful, and funniest moment of both of our lives.

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