Savannah and Tristan

How We Met

We met when we were both seniors in high school. We went to Jr high and high school together but didn’t meet tell our senior year. I thought he was a jock when I first saw him and thought he wouldn’t ever talk to me but yet we talked on the phone for hours.

how they asked

He said that we were going on a double date with our friend Gary to ensign peak(where we had our first date). So we hiked up the mountain while it was raining and muddy and we were slipping everywhere Ha. When we got to the top we could see all the city lights and it had like a light fog that we could see. It was really beautiful. While we were at the top there was a guy with a expensive camera that asked to take our picture for his website so we posed for the picture. After some time passed my boyfriend(now fiance) said he wanted to take one more picture so I said okay. He then positioned me and he then covered my eyes and it was at that moment that I knew what he was doing and started to cry. He then asked me to cover my eyes so I did.

Proposal Ideas Ensign peak

While I had my eyes covered he was setting everything up. He had the song “marry me” by train playing and then he told me to open my eyes so I did and he was in between two signs that lit up that said “marry me?” I of course said yes! The camera man was actually a videogragher that he hired and he recorded the whole thing. We then started walking down the mountain and as we were walking down there were pictures of us hung up on the trees. Then when we got to the bottom there was a huge sign that said “she said yes!” and my family was waiting to surprise me. It was a perfect night.

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