Savannah and Trevor

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How We Met

Our love story began where many do, on the first day of the 7th grade, walking up the isle of the middle school bus. Nervous and excited about my new school, I saw a cute, curly-haired blonde on the back of the bus and walked to sit as close to him as possible. Over the next several years, my crush on Trevor would slowly fade into a dear friendship, and we laughed and celebrated our high school years together. Somewhere along the way, Trevor’s feelings for me began to grow, and it was on a Florida beach during our Junior Year Spring Break that he confessed his love — truly, romantic ;) Six years later, here we are, as in love as ever!

how they asked

on new years eve, trevor and i had a 24 hour layover in paris on our way to russia. trevor had planned to spend six weeks with his sister and her family, and i decided to come along for a bit as well. as trevor had never been to paris, our flight choice was an easy one, knowing how exciting it would be to celebrate the new year in one of my most favorite cities.

our overnight flight landed around 2:30, and considering we only had a couple hours of daylight (the sun set there around 4:30) we had always planned to rush straight to the eiffel tower. trevor insisted that we go visit this beautiful bridge he had seen in photos, thinking it would be the perfect place to watch the sunset. (at the time i didn’t find this too suspicious as trevor always does his research when we go visit new cities). so we rushed by train and cab to his spot.

trevor was being awfully quiet when we arrived at his bridge (which at this point i did begin to find pretty strange). we were standing there looking up at the eiffel tower, when trevor spun me around. he then said a few things about how much he loved me, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. honestly, i don’t remember much from those moments, except how much i loved the man in front of me… and how unreal this whole thing was.

we were standing there being all giddy and silly and romantic when i noticed a man with a big ole camera to my left. trevor had found julien, the incredible french photographer who captured our enagement, and very carefully orchestrated the entire thing. juggling the difficulties of different countires, lauguages, and time zones, as well as the potential for bad weather or delayed flights, trevor pulled the whole thing off seamlessly…. hardly showing his nerves until the very last minute ;) julien was wonderful, and had even brought us a bottle of champagne, per trevor’s request.

after he proposed, trevor and i celebrated our engagement and the new year with all of paris, enjoying our quick stop in the most romantic city in the world. i feel like the luckiest girl- for this proposal, and to have found a man as special as trevor.

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