Savannah and Trevor

How We Met

Trevor and I met on an online dating website! We started out casually talking about how we had each done a solo backpacking trip in the past. We lost contact for a few months when life got busy, but he got in contact with me again November 2014. We went on our first date to Coronado and went ice skating. The connection was instant and since our first date we have been inseparable.

how they asked

Trevor’s dad is a great photographer, so we asked him to take our anniversary pictures over Thanksgiving weekend. Trevor and I had just recently bought a house and I thought I wouldn’t be getting a ring any time soon. Little did I know, Trevor went ring shopping with my dad in LA (The Diamond Market) and surprised me by getting down on one knee during our photoshoot with his father. It was a complete surprise and the best part is I have documentation of it thanks to my future father in law!

Image 1 of Savannah and Trevor Image 2 of Savannah and Trevor Image 3 of Savannah and Trevor

Special Thanks

Todd Doggett
 | Photographer