Savannah and Stefan

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How We Met

Being middle school sweethearts is only part of what makes our story so special. Stefan and I went to the same school, Scarborough Christian Academy (now known as Signet Christian School) ever since we were little. We always knew of eachother but never really connected and talked to eachother until we were in the same class in grade 7. That summer we spoke back and forth on MSN and the click was instantaneous. It was like we had known eachother all our lives and been friends forever. We started dating that same December 2009 when I was just 13 years old and Stefan was 14.

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We entered high school together, with many people telling us that we were too young to know what love was. We spent all of our time together, even when I moved schools in Grade 11, we would always visit eachother at our different schools, go on dates, and plan special places to go together. Our favorite kinds of dates being coffee shop dates and picnics. Picnics have always been special to us! Being able to grow up with eachother and form ourselves into the people we are today, from kids to adults- all through love is what makes our story so amazing and unique.

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One of our first dates was at the Port Union Waterfront, where we were actually chaperoned by my mom and sister because I was so young (13). We walked the beachfront and sat on the rocks as we watched the waves crash against the shore and that location always held a special sentiment to us.

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How They Asked

10 years after that first date, on August 15th, 2020, Stefan suggested that we go to the waterfront and have a picnic which is definitely not out of the ordinary for us. He said he would pack the picnic and just bring me, which is exactly what I did.

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We were trying to lay out our picnic and he kept switching from one rock to the next, being picky and saying that the rock wasn’t perfect or good enough because water would splash on our food. Normally I’m the one whos picky about location-not him so I found this weird in the beginning!

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He told me had a surprise for me and to turn around, I heard some shuffling behind me and when asked to turn back around there was a beautiful little marble tea tray with some deli meats, fresh bread, dijon mustard, and more on it. He said this was the first course and that the surprise was the tiered tea tray, I loved it!

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Then he said that the next course ( dessert) was a surprise too- so I turned around and when he finally asked me to turn back around, the tea tray was set up with desserts- cupcakes, the Oreo Jello we used to eat when we were little kids and on the top tier of the tray, there was a small music box. I asked what was in the box and when I opened it, he was ready and down on one knee as I stood there in disbelief. He said Will You Marry Me? and I said of course! I remember shaking in shock and crying till no more tears could actually come out. I was actually so in shock that I asked him to ask me again!

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