Savannah and Samuel

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How We Met

It all started when we met back in 2006, the year we started middle school. Over the years, we became good friends. Until 2012, when we finally started dating. Sam always claims that the moment he knew he liked me was the day I brought him homemade cookies during his wrestling season. (He was on a strict diet to stay on weight for the team). Then, on Valentine’s Day 2012, Sam made the first move by buying me a flower from school. We hadn’t started dating yet so when my flower was delivered a day late during our English class I remember blushing and turning bright red. From that point on, our relationship grew. And we soon became inseparable.

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Then I started college while Sam joined the Air Force. Since Sam left for basic training in 2013, we have spent the last three years long-distance. Although it is has been a challenge to be apart for so long, we have been through so much together and have grown even stronger as a couple. From late phone calls and FaceTime dates, different time zones, and seeing each other just two or three times a year. The distance has helped us to really appreciate all of their time that we do get to spend together and to not take the ‘little things’ for granted.

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how they asked

On January 21, 2016 we got engaged! We had been driving through Denali National Park in Alaska, near where Sam was currently stationed. We were on about a nine hour road trip at the time. We had stopped to take pictures of the mountains and beautiful scenery. When I turned my back to take a picture of the sunset, Sam had gotten a ring out of his pocket and bent down on one knee. When I turned back around and saw, he asked me to marry him. I was shaking already because of the cold it took a moment to register that I hadn’t said anything yet because I couldn’t stop smiling. It took Sam asking “Well?!” for me to, of course, said YES!

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When I started to tear up, Sam asked me, “Why are you crying?” I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Because I’m so happy!”

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