Savannah and Ryan

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How We Met

We swiped right into each other’s arms. Yep! We met on the online dating app called Tinder! Before you start laughing, one thing is certain, God brought us together in his perfect timing. We were both out of poor relationships, desperate enough to try a mobile dating site, and unexpectedly met our best friend. After texting, Skyping, and Snapchatting for several weeks, Ryan agreed to ride his motorcycle 2 hours over the Great Smoky Mountains to Savannah’s hometown of Franklin, North Carolina. We arrived at the nice Italian restaurant we had picked out, and, alas, it was closed… so we jumped down the road to a little wings place. It was early November, getting cooler, and Ryan was brilliant and didn’t pack warmer clothes for the night ride back over the mountains. Next stop: Walmart! After picking up some gloves, thermals, and hot packs, we retired to a gas station for some hot cocoa and conversation before Ryan’s departure. We laughed and talked for hours. So much so, that a creepy man with glasses sitting behind us walked over and said, “I’m not eavesdroppin’ or nothin’, but you two make a good couple.” Well, he wasn’t wrong! Ryan finally hopped on his motorcycle and road off into the cold of night. But he only made it as far as Cherokee before he had to pull over and check into a hotel because it dropped to nearly freezing temperatures. If you ask him, it was more than worth it.

how they asked

Ryan here. Allow me to reveal how I managed to use the Herman family cruise vacation for the perfect surprise proposal. ✔️First, ask Savannah’s Father for his blessing. ✔️Second, get the Herman family in on it. ✔️Third, build a portable beach tent and manage to bring it, a blanket, pillows, candles, and poster boards along without looking suspicious. ✔️Fourth, find a private beach venue to set up the tent. ✔️Fifth, have a professional photographer ready to capture the moment. On the day of, the girls agreed to go shopping while the guys played golf. This allowed me time to end the golf game early to set up and meet with the photographer to go over details. As soon as I finished, Savannah and the women returned from their shopping excursion. We were planning on going into downtown Charleston that night so I expressed that I’d like to take some beach photos with her before we left. I then walked her out along the beach to “the spot.” It was perfect. A lite breeze, sun peaking through the clouds, and not too cold. We came up on the tent and she looked over at me with a huge smile and asked, “what have you done?” We took a seat under the tent, took some selfies, and said sweet nothings to one another. Just then, David, Stacy, Cody, and MacKenzie came walking up the beach holding signs. We stood together as her family flipped the signs revealing the question, “will you marry me?” She turned to me with tears filling her eyes as I took a knee and asked the question I’ve been dying to ask. Without hesitation, she said yes.

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Special Thanks

Shelby Belle
 | Photographer