Savannah and Oliver

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The dance studio I worked at and grew up at

How We Met

Oliver and I met “online” in December of 2014. He was serving in the Marine Corp and I was about to begin my last semester of college. One of my mutual friends had been dating one of his mutual friends and they had told us about the other person. We added each other on Facebook and I sent Oliver a message just saying hello. Since Oliver hadn’t been back to Ohio in a while he was out with some friends and didn’t see the message until a little after 11pm. He went ahead and messaged me back and since I was on Christmas break I was awake and we started chatting. Fast forward 6 hours later, we decide to take a pause, exchange numbers and get some sleep. The interesting part is we stayed “online friends” until March when I got a chance to go to an audition in Virginia about 2 hours away from his base. So when we finally met in person I was ready to jump out of my skin but we had the best time together! And we were very certain it wasn’t going to be the last time to see one another.

How They Asked

Oliver and I had been dating long distance for almost 4 years. He was visiting me over Christmas break and I knew he was thinking about getting a blessing and proposing sometime soon. A week before he had to fly back to Arizona we had actually talked and I didn’t think he was even going to go ask for the blessing this trip. Wednesday he dropped me off at my job and went to go get a blessing from my parents. Afterward, he got a phone call from my mom who had talked to my aunt and wanted to know if Oliver wanted my aunt’s engagement ring to propose.

He wanted to use it but also have something new so Thursday after he dropped me off at work he, my mom and my aunt went to the jeweler and looked at different settings and ideas. There was one setting in the whole store for a marqius diamond, it fit my aunt’s center stone perfectly and it was exactly my size. He came to “say goodbye” to my boss because he was leaving Saturday and he proposed in the middle of the studio! I was completely shocked and suprised and sobbed my way to saying yes. He and I agree it has been worth all the work and heart ache of being long distance to know there’s a very happy ending in sight.