Savannah and Mark

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We were in Fraser, Colorado with his family on Christmas break, and the snow covered mountains we were staying in was maybe the most beautiful place I’d ever been. We went snowshoeing down a valley to dinner for a date night. Right around the corner from our cabin was a table with red roses on it, he had never given me roses before, so when I saw them, I knew. We sat at the picnic table, he poured us hot chocolate, and then he told me he had something he wanted to read me.

He read me 40 different envelopes with something from our relationship in each of them (a ticket, a note, a picture, etc.) and something he learned about me through each of those memories. When he was done and started to actually pop the question he mentioned calling my mom to ask her for my hand in marriage, and that’s when the tears started.

After that he told me how much he loved me for the first time, he got down on his knee and asked, and I very gladly accepted. It really was the perfect moment. And he even had his sister, brother, and sister-in-law hiding in the snow to capture it all for us.

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