Savannah and Madison

How We Met

Madison and I met my sophomore year and his junior year at Michigan State University. We won’t tell you how we met like we initially told our parents (“through friends”… classic) or through shared classes (like we should have actually met since we were the same major). How we met was an unlikely success story… Tinder!!!! By swiping left (if you don’t like them) or right (if you do like them), it is a great self esteem booster after a long day and when you swipe and get a match!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

It turns out that we owe our friends who made our accounts as a joke, some huge credit! My first message from Madison was a VERY cheesy pickup line that I don’t even wish to share! He seemed like a regular guy and not a serial killer after exchanging messages for a couple of days, so I agreed to a coffee date at Starbucks. After 3 hours at Starbucks of nonstop chatter, laughs, and Madison pretending to like coffee, I agreed to a second date and the rest is history!

Proposal Ideas Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

how they asked

I have been that girl who had everything about her wedding planned out (except for the groom) since she was 10, so you can imagine that once I met “the one” I had every proposal scenario mapped out in my head (at least I thought) and I have a history of ruining every surprise that people attempt for me! Needless to say, surprising me was going to be very challenging!! As I knew a proposal was in store from May until the end of summer, I had thought that the few trips that we had planned this summer would provide the perfect spot! Our first trip of the summer was to Northern Michigan with our first stop in Sleeping Bear Dunes. Leading up to that trip (also the place where Madison and I vacationed a year prior together), Madison assured me that there was no proposal over that trip.

Being a girl and having an instinct about these things, I knew there was a chance he could be lying! Once we got to the overlook on Sleeping Bear Dunes overlooking Lake Michigan, I thought for sure this was it….. nope! Once we got back to the cottage we were staying in, I mentioned to Madison that I was surprised that the overlook was not part of his ultimate proposal plan to which he reassured me that it was not happening on vacation. This time, I believed him! The next night after we went out for dinner and were driving home, his parents asked if they could see that beautiful overlook once more before we left the next day. I didn’t think anything of it! One thing to note in Northern Michigan in May is that Midge Flies are everywhere!

Savannah and Madison's Engagement in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

When we got to the overlook deck, the amount of flies were so abundant that I refused to go onto the lower deck right over the water. It turns out that that was “the spot” and when his parents noted that I refused to go down there, they assumed that the plan to propose that night would be postponed to another day of our vacation. At the base of the dunes, Madison and I were watching the sunset and talking as his parents took selfies on the lower deck. I though it was just a usual conversation but the next thing I know, Madison is down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand saying “Savannah Kila Fannon, will you be my wife?” with biggest smile on his face! I was in complete shock and shaking like a leaf, and so incredibly happy with a huge smile on my face! It doesn’t get any better!!!

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