Savannah and Kyle's Tear-Jerking Proposal at Lover's Leap

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How We Met

Kyle and I met at a very busy time in our lives. I was a full time student working as a night shift nurse at the local hospital and he was in the process of becoming an owner of his family business. For this reason, neither one of us had much time to date. Kyle and I have the most perfect story made up in our heads about how we met, but I won’t bore you with that because the truth is, we met on a dating app (yep, Tinder.) It’s not glamorous, and it doesn’t make for the most romantic story, but neither of us would change a thing about it. After talking for weeks on this dating app, I first met Kyle in person when he picked me up at my apartment for our first date. We went out to eat and to a local ice cream parlor. Kyle is a talker, and I am more of an introvert, so I was thankful he filled the potential awkward silence with stories and questions. Although the date lasted hours, it definitely seemed to be the fastest date I had ever been on! I was back at my apartment before I knew it. We went out again several days later, and I was hooked.

how they asked

My sister is my best friend, it only seemed appropriate that I eat lunch with her the day before she went back to college. So, I thought nothing of it when I was picked up by my aunt, grandmother and sister to go eat a farewell lunch one Saturday morning. It was a misty, foggy morning so after I got in the car, I spent the ride looking out the window and commenting about the weather. As we pulled up a big hill, I saw a HUGE banner between two light post at a local site called Lover’s Leap.

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Lover’s Leap is a large set of boulders that jut out over the valley, allowing the most beautiful view of the city to be seen. I had mentioned this place just once before to Kyle, because it was where my grandmother and grandfather used to “court” while they were dating. It has become a special place to me because it is a special place to my grandmother. As we neared the banner I realized it had MY name written on it in HUGE letters. I instinctively read it out loud… “Savannah Vaughn: Take a LEAP to the MOON… ( Kyle’s last name is Moon. )

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I couldn’t finish reading the banner before noticing the tears streaming down my sister’s face. It was then that it hit me. Kyle was proposing. I got out of the car and was met by my dad. Since it was so drizzly and foggy out, Kyle thought it would be best that someone escort me down to the proposal which he had set up on the crest. I am such a daddy’s girl, so the tears began to flow long before I even saw Kyle. Having my dad escort me was something special and definitely kept me from running and skipping down the slippery rocks (which is what I wanted to do!). As we neared the bottom, I saw Kyle standing in the fog holding the most beautiful bouquet.

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With tears in his eyes and a goofy grin on his face, I knew my expression was a mirror image. He led me to an area he had set up with rose petals and a blanket and he got down on one knee. Neither of us are very emotional people, but as Kyle’s voice cracked mid proposal and he bowed his head to pull himself together, I wanted nothing more than to cut him off and say YES! Instead I got down to his level, looked him eye to eye and let him finish the sweetest words anyone has ever said to me. It wasn’t until afterwards that I noticed mine and Kyle’s closest family members had seen the whole thing from up on a balcony.

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Also to my surprise, some of my very best friends (who also happen to be wedding photographers!) were hiding in the bushes capturing the whole thing! Afterwards, it was straight to my aunt’s house for a surprise engagement party with all of our closest friends. I never could have imagined a more perfect day!

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