Savannah and Kenny

How We Met: Kenny and I met back inImage 1 of Savannah and Kenny December of 2011 through some mutual friends who were dating. The four of us split up that night to drive back to the house, and after just meeting him 30 minutes prior, I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of his mustang talking about our interests, passions, and goals.

We had an instant connection that night and as I left he didn’t even ask for my number (thank you Facebook!). The following day, we found ourselves making plans to hang out with each other again.

Over the course of the next 3 months we spent all of our free time with each other……getting to know each other, and took classes together at the local community college, but like some relationships, we both needed to grow…so we ended our relationship.

A few months later, I ended up moving away 2 hours for school. We both dated other people on and off and each had other serious relationships, but somehow we always managed to find each other again and constantly stay in contact with each other.

Fast forward to July 2014 and we found ourselves both single at the same time (which hadn’t happened in the last 2 years). We decided to give it a try and we haven’t looked back since.

Image 2 of Savannah and Kenny

how they asked: Kenny and I had been talking about marriage since the week after we started dating again in July 2014. He knew that I had a few requirements on my checklist – 1) Make it a surprise, 2) Make sure my nails are done, 3) Capture it on camera, and 4) Ask my parents permission. Three weeks before the proposal he checked number 4 off the checklist.

Image 3 of Savannah and Kenny

He asked my parents permission the day they all came to move me home from school. Number 2 was completed the night before he proposed – my friend was dying to get a manicure and I agreed to go with her as I had been wanting to get my nails done for a while. The week before the proposal happened though, Kenny called me asking if I was free on the following Tuesday because his boss from work had given him a wine tasting and horseback riding package and a 1-night stay at Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa down in Los Olivos.

Image 4 of Savannah and Kenny

I definitely did not believe him, as I didn’t understand why his boss would just give this to him and not be able to refund everything for himself, but Kenny was finally able to talk me into going and number 1 was well on its way to being completed. We started our day with wine tasting and then continued onto the horseback riding part of the package.

Image 5 of Savannah and Kenny

We drove out to Estelle Vineyards, had a gourmet lunch in the barn, and went horseback riding in the pouring rain. We were told by our tour guide that when we got to the top of the hill, we would get the chance to get off the horses to rest and she could take pictures of us (his way of getting number 3 checked off the checklist). After being followed by coyotes halfway up the hill, we finally made it to the top and got off the horses to take pictures. We took a few “normal” pictures…

…and as I was ready to get back up on the horse, Kenny pushed me aside a little and said “There’s one thing I have to do before we leave” – the rain had finally stopped and Kenny got down on one knee with shaking hands and lips and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Image 6 of Savannah and Kenny

Everything was a blur from there and between gripping him in a deathlike hug and in between sobs, I managed to say “Yes.”

Image 7 of Savannah and Kenny

Next thing I knew he was pulling a box out of his boot and replacing my promise ring with the absolute most gorgeous ring I had ever laid eyes on. After what seemed like a lifetime of just standing at the top of the hill wrapped in each others arms…

Image 8 of Savannah and Kenny

…we got back on our horses and finished the ride. When we ended our ride, we celebrated back at the barn with glasses of wine and I was on cloud 9. After months and months of talking about getting married and going over my checklist a million times, Kenny pulled everything off and I am the luckiest girl who gets to marry not only my best friend, but also the most amazing man on earth.

Image 9 of Savannah and Kenny