Savannah and Justin

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I met Justin whenever I was 11 years old and he was 13. I knew from the minute that I met him that I was in love with him, as crazy as that sounds. Over the next couple of years was a constant circle of trying to date and it always never working out. Whenever I would hear the saying “right person, wrong time” Justin would immediately come to my mind. Fast forward to 2016, I had just moved back to my hometown newly single. I went out with friends who excitedly told me that my old crush Justin was also newly single and had just moved back to our hometown! Absolutely overjoyed by this news, I messaged him on Facebook. Unbeknownst to both of us, we had actually moved in across the street from each other! That next night, we hung out for the first time in almost 6 years.. and the rest is history! Now I am a firm believer in fate and that when it’s the right time, it just might work out.

I had entered into a Facebook giveaway for a free couples session photography giveaway and ended up winning. I messaged the photographer and we got the date, location and time all set. As we arrived to the session, Justin was acting so nervous and overly giddy. I summed it up to be his nerves about the photo shoot we were about to have, considering he’s not a big fan of pictures. As the end of the session rolled around, Justin asked the photographer if we could take one more picture of his choice. As she agreed to this, she told us to pose however he wanted. Justin then kisses me and whispers “I love you so much, Savannah” in my ear and then he got down on one knee. I was in total shock and taken my complete surprise. I don’t even think I let him finish asking before I was screaming yes! It was perfect and he pulled off the perfect surprise.

Savannah and Justin's Engagement in Wichita Falls, TX downtown

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