Savannah and Jim

Savannah and Jim's Engagement in Tampa, Florida

How We Met

Jim and Savannah first met by chance at her family restaurant. He was on a 3-month business trip from Tampa and she was working with her family in Fort Lauderdale. They quickly became inseparable and spent each day together. Jim returned to Tampa leaving a 260-mile gap between the two. However, that didn’t stop the two of them from seeing each other every single weekend as Jim became a frequent fixture at Fort Lauderdale airport. As the relationship grew, so did the strain of long-distance on them. The goal quickly became closing the gap and Jim shrewdly purchased a small cockapoo puppy to encourage Savannah to visit Tampa more often. Over time, Savannah came to love Tampa and chose to adopt it as her second home.

How They Asked

In September 2018, Jim knew it was time to make it official. He made reservations at Savannah’s favorite restaurant, Bern’s so she knew she had to dress up. Little did Savannah know that prior to dinner he had asked both her parents for their blessings, which they gave with enthusiasm and excitement. Jim suggested they take a walk on the riverfront prior to dinner since the sunset was so beautiful. Savannah could tell he was nervous, but it wasn’t until he said her full name and got down on a knee and asked her to spend forever with him that she knew what was going on!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tampa, Florida

He managed to distract her for a few seconds and recorded the whole thing. Both Jim and Savannah will never forget the special moment they shared after she said “Yes!” onlookers started to clap and cheer and they were overwhelmed with joy. Savannah cried for the better part of the evening FaceTime-ing family and friends. This was by far the most amazing day of their lives!

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