Savannah and Jedediah

Savannah and Jedediah's Engagement in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park: Ontario, Canada

How We Met

Jed and I went to school together and grew up in the small town of Pine City, MN. In high school, we had band together where I started to develop my crush on Jed. When I was in tenth grade and him eleventh grade, I had the biggest crush on him. I went to his hockey games where I gazed at him from afar with heart eyes knowing he didn’t know who I was (though I thought). Anyway, no one really knew I had a crush on Jed, so when one of my high school friends said she had a crush on him, I kept my feelings to myself. One day at lunch she had someone go get Jed’s phone number for her. The person who went to retrieve the number didn’t tell Jed which girl at the table wanted the number. Apparently after that, she texted Jed, but he never replied. Instead, one of his friends texted her and said Jed didn’t like her that way. So, you could guess, I was a little giddy inside to hear that. I let a couple weeks go by before I asked my friend for Jed’s phone number. After I got his number, I texted him and got an immediate reply. It started off as texting all the time, to hanging out, and then to becoming high school sweethearts. Later on when Jed and I were dating, I told him how I had a huge crush on him before we even started talking, and he told me he had a huge crush on me too. He said how happy he was when he’d see me at his hockey games. When that one person who got his phone number for my friend, he was hoping that I was the girl who asked for his number. It’s crazy to think when I thought he didn’t notice me, we actually had a crush on each other. Over four years later, it’s been a wild, beautiful adventure together.

how they asked

In August, Jed and I planned a short trip to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. We camped on a small lake near the Sleeping Giant. On August 30, we decided to do the all-day hike which would take us to the top of the Giant. It was about a 9-10 mile hike up it. When we reached the top, there were three lookout spots. We walked to all three and were trying to decide which place to stop and eat lunch at. Passing the third lookout, we found a beautiful spot that was off the trail that overlooked Lake Superior. It honestly felt like you could see for miles. We sat and ate lunch and soaked in the beautiful view. After relaxing, I set up my camera and tripod since we were planning to take some pictures together. Jed was going in different places to make sure to find the perfect spot and lighting which I found odd that he cared so much, but didn’t really think much about it. I put my camera on a timer where it would take multiple pictures.

We took some pictures, and Jed kept looking around to see if any people were coming. I asked him if we should go take some more pictures in a different spot, but he insisted that we take one more picture. Usually, I would press the camera button to start the timer, but this time he told me to go to the spot. It took a picture, and I said, “Jed, hurry, get over here it’s taking pictures!” He ran over to his bag and pulled out a ring box. He knelt down and said the most sincere, loving things to me which made me teary eyed. When he asked if I’d marry him, of course, I said YES! With a bunch of kisses, hugs, and I love you’s, we sat down and took in the moment, both still in shock. Later, we hiked back down and made it back to our campsite. As we were sitting around the campfire, I took off my ring and joked around by saying, “Hey, it says ‘I will always love you’.” Instead of laughing with me, he told me it was actually engraved. I looked inside the band and there were the words, “Together Forever,” the phrase we’d say to each other all the time. Of course, I teared up again. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day with the love of my life. So excited for our new adventure.

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