Savannah and Evin

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How We Met

We were both attending Coastal Carolina University. It was spring semester of my Sophomore year and Evin’s senior year. I was invited to a CCU baseball game that night by my best friend Austin who lived down the hall from me. Apparently, a bunch of his fraternity brothers was also planning on going (which I didn’t know at the time). We walked to the baseball stadium together and sat down by the outfield grass. Almost immediately I was surrounded with his fraternity brothers, some of which I’ve met before. Sitting next to Austin was Evin who I thought was pretty cute. When Austin introduced him Evin said, “Hi” and turned back around. That’s all I heard from him the entire game, so I lost all interest (although he would probably say that it was love at first sight and he was too shy to talk to me!). A couple weeks go by, but one day I receive a text, “Hey this is Evin. We met at the baseball game a while ago”. I was thrown off a little but we continued to talk on and off for the next few weeks. It was the last week of classes and almost exam week.

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He FINALLY asks if I’d like to hang out with him, but me being stubborn me I said, “I mean I leave to go home for the summer in a week so it doesn’t really make sense to hang out now”. Oops! So I went home to Virginia for the summer while he stayed in Myrtle Beach. We texted a few times that summer but nothing I can really remember. Summer ended and I headed back to school. Austin’s fraternity was having their first social of the year, and I really wanted to be invited since most of my friends were going too. I asked Austin if he knew anyone that needed a date, and he said he’d ask around. A couple of days go by until I get a text from Austin asking if I still want to go. Of course, I do, so I accepted…. a blind date! The day of the social I show up to Austins and there was Evin, dressed in cut-off jean shorts, cut-off flannel, and cowboy boots for the Dukes of Hazard themed social (let’s just say it was a sight for sore eyes! And thank goodness we’ve grown from that moment!). I almost immediately regretted my decision to attend, but what I thought would turn out to be a boring night turned into one of our best dates ever! We danced all night long to country music and never left each other’s side. Who knew that Dukes of Hazard would ultimately bring us together!

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how they asked

Evin was in Arizona on a work trip since he’s a minor league umpire. Since I would be graduating from Coastal Carolina University in May, I knew I had to schedule my senior pictures pretty soon. But I wanted to take them with him at the school since that’s where we met -and yes, fell in love. He would be home for exactly one week so I had to make it happen. One of my sorority sisters was a photographer and offering senior pictures and had a date open that week, so I jumped on it! After I told Evin the plans, he agreed and I didn’t think much of it. He finally arrived back to Myrtle Beach and we spent as much time as we could together since I knew he wouldn’t be home for long. Finally, the senior pictures day arrived.

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I woke up a bit later than I had planned so I was in a bit of a rush to get ready. I had planned on getting my nails done before pictures but I realized we didn’t have much time so I said, “We don’t really need to, I’ll be fine without it!”. Evin’s reaction to that was a bit out of the ordinary, “No! Of course, you need your nails done for your senior pictures. We have to go!”. I thought that was a little weird since he’s usual response would just be “Okay, whatever you want to do.” So of course, like any suspicious girl would do, I texted one of my best friends Michelle. I said, “You don’t think Evin is going to propose in my pictures do you?”. And just what a bestie should say who’s trying to keep the whole proposal a secret she says, “What? No. I mean he better not be because I don’t know a thing about it and he better be telling me when he’s going to propose to you.” So I agreed and shook off any idea of him proposing. My plan was to take most of the pictures on campus and then go home to change.

We would then head to Myrtle Beach for pictures on the beach. The whole drive there he was acting extremely happy, singing along to songs. I mean it was literally a playlist of our favorite songs and I STILL thought nothing of it. I thought he was just happy to be home. We arrived and I took some senior picture alone first. I found it really odd that Evin was constantly on his phone texting that day and it started to bother me a bit (but what I didn’t know was that he was coordinating my group of friends arriving at the right beach access, both of our families on Facetime, and still try and play it cool!). Evin joined me for pictures again as the sun was beginning to set. He still had his sunglasses in his pocket, so he told me he was going to run and put them in the car. I said, “Okay!” and continued taking pictures facing the ocean.

It was pretty windy and loud that day and so the photographer kept readjusting my wind-blown hair. She was taking a while getting a certain shot and then she kind of started to smile and start laughing, and I didn’t know why. She says, “Okay I think we got the shots!”. I get up and turn around to see my amazing boyfriend down on one knee, along with a group of our best friends standing to the side. This is when the ugly cry began!

He said words I didn’t remember immediately (the nerves!), but once he repeated them to me again they will be words I’ll never forget. Once he put the ring on my finger, we hugged all of our friends we were so lucky to have there. That’s when they turned their phone screens around to show me that my parents were on Facetime and watched the whole proposal from Virginia, his family was on a phone and watched from all different states, and my best friend from high school was on the third phone (this is when the tears came streaming down my face!). I’m so lucky to be marrying my best friend, and spend the rest of my life with the person I love!

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