Savannah and Evan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City

How We Met

I met Evan on my second day at a new school. I had just transferred colleges and was so nervous about meeting people. I went over to his house with a mutual acquaintance, and I knew from that moment that he was the one. He was, and still is, the most handsome, sweetest man I have ever met. We were talking and I asked him if he had the NBA video game (which video games and sports are so not me, but I had nannied all summer and played it endlessly), and that is definitely when he fell in love with me. Even though he did not let me win, I was still in love. We have been with each other nearly every day since.

how they asked

Evan and I love to travel, and try and go to as many places as we can. We had a short break in October, and we planned a trip to New York for a few days. We had gone the previous year together and had more to see. We always plan a fancy night wherever we go, and had planned one for our second night there. He told me we had to be somewhere at 5:30, but did not tell me where. We arrived at Central Park, where we got on a horse and carriage. There were roses, which should have made me more aware of what was about to happen, but I was oblivious. The driver told us to walk down to this bridge, the bow bridge, to get the best view of the city.

Savannah's Proposal in New York City

We walked down and I asked a man to take our photo because clearly, I did not want to miss such a great photo opportunity, but little did I know that there was a photographer following us around the whole time. Evan got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was the most magical moment filled with so many happy emotions (and tears). We completed the perfect evening at the Plaza Hotel and an amazing dinner at Davio’s.

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