Savannah and Eric

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How We Met

I met him through his sister and other mutual friends. Eric and I were both dating other people at the time we initially met, so we were just friends in the beginning. Within time, we were single and still friends. We started to hang out more, but we weren’t really dating at that point. It didn’t really happen until September of 2014. In September, Eric’s nephew was born and I went up to the hospital to give his sister a gift I had got for the baby. She was in labor by the time I got there, so I gave it to Eric to give to her. We talked for a bit, then I left.

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Walking out of that hospital, something just hit me and I didn’t want to wait any longer, I wanted to be in a relationship with him and that moment just confirmed everything I felt. I know, it sounds random, but I just felt this feeling in my heart and I had to share it with him. He was feeling the exact same way so we began dating on September 10th, 2014. So, in many ways, we owe a lot to his sister and nephew because that day was when everything changed and we officially started dating. September is a very special month for us, celebrating his nephews birthday and our anniversary!

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how they asked

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of being proposed to at Disneyland. However, being from a small town, in Paris, Texas, I place heavy emphasis on the word “dream,” because I didn’t think it would ever be a reality. Eric was talking with his friend, Sam and Sam mentioned a trip to Europe, just for vacation. Eric and I never really thought we would ever get to go on a trip like that, but we just took a risk and booked our flight. Once the flights were booked, it was official, we were going to Europe in March! We were so excited. We had a group of us that were going and besides Sam and his wife, there was another couple, Ben and Carly who were going as well! We also knew that Ben had plans to propose to Carly (and let me just say, it was such an amazing thing to be a part of and I will always remember that moment).

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We planned on visiting Paris, France, and The Netherlands. Sam is the ultimate travel guru and made an itinerary, full of amazing things to do and see while on our trip! Do you know what is in Paris besides the Eiffel Tower? DISNEYLAND, and it was definitely on the itinerary. I go into full planning mode for that day, and I have an idea of where we are going to go first when we get there, time of arrival, etc. I’m already elated because Disney is my favorite place, in the whole world. Sam is also a professional photographer so he had been taking our photos during the entire trip, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to want to take photos. We first go to the castle, and Eric and I are taking photos.

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We take a normal one, just us two, and then, the next photo we take is one I’ll cherish forever. He turned, got down on one knee and proposed. I remember asking if he was serious as if he was pulling the ultimate prank. I mean we are from Paris Texas and Eric is proposing to me at Disneyland, in Paris France, it was so surreal! Honestly, that was such an intense and awesome moment, I had to later ask if I even said yes because I couldn’t recall! Of course, I said yes and on that day, I felt like that was my castle. Eric was my prince, and I was the princess. Disneyland is the most magical place in the world, and it is true what they say, dreams really do come true.

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Special Thanks

Sam Craft
 | Photographer