Savannah and Cory

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How We Met

Cory and I had gone to the same high school and had the same circle of friends but somehow never met until he was going into his junior year of college and I was going into my sophomore year, both at different universities. My best friend decided to stop by her friend’s house one day while I was with her, and that was the first time I saw Cory, and was also the first time I ever got mad at him. He was laying on a couch playing video games and wouldn’t move to let me sit down. So to retaliate I decided to put my feet up on the table next to his face, where he finally paid attention to me and said “nice shoes”, which was the only thing he said all night to me. A few hours later, I got a text from him apologizing and asking if he could make it up to me. A few days later we were suppose to go to a State Park by where we lived with our friends but they bailed and we decided to go anyway. This day later became the best day of life, because I realized I was never going to let him go. We spent the entire day there, until sunset, hiking, rock climbing by waterfalls, getting lost, and eventually just sitting by the river talking for hours. Soon after we started dating and never looked back since. Going to the park became our thing, and visited it almost every time we both in town at the same time. We have endured long distance, countless bumps along the road, but there is no one else I would not to be on the crazy adventure of life with.

how they asked

In June of 2015 I was involved in a head on collision where I shattered my pelvis and had to endure many surgeries and countless hours of therapy so I could walk again. Cory was with me literally every step of the way, and even slept in the chair next to hospital bed every night for two weeks till I was released from the hospital. It took almost three months till I could walk again, but it didn’t stop Cory from making sure I still enjoyed my summer and that I didn’t feel like I was restricted on anything. The only thing I couldn’t do was go to the park where our first date was which killed me, and I always begged him to take me but he wouldn’t until I was ready, and it was safe for me to go.

In November he called me one day and told me to pack a bag to go to Toronto for the weekend. He planned everything and wouldn’t really tell me the details, which was weird for him, so I kind of thought that he was going to propose while we were there. One night he took me to the roof top of our hotel that over looked the entire city and we danced and hugged and just really enjoyed the cold night, but we didn’t care. After he didn’t propose that night I thought that I just had to be patient and that the time wasn’t right yet for us.

On our way home after we got back in Pennsylvania he asked me if I wanted to stop at the park because we were passing it and he thought it was finally time for me to go back to my favorite place. I was so excited, and honestly didn’t think anything of it. After we got about half way down the path to a bridge that we always went to since our first date, it started to be lit by candles( the sun was starting to set so it was getting kind of dark). After we rounded the corner I saw my best friend standing there with a camera and it finally hit me what was happening. He walked me to the bridge where he had my favorite flowers waiting for me and got down on one knee. I was in such shock I still couldn’t remember what he said, all I remember is me squealing and jumping up and down yelling ” yes, yes, yes” and then yelling at him to stand up and kiss me cause I couldn’t bend down that far yet! It was beyond perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

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