Savannah and Chris

Savannah and Chris's Engagement in Daytona Beach, FL

How We Met

I was fresh out of college and landed an internship being a leader at Disney. I was placed in Magic Kingdom at a location where about 100 cast members worked, one of them being Chris. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight as I made some leadership decisions he didn’t approve of, and he was in another relationship at the time. We became friends, or as friendly as you can be when you’re someone’s manager and as time went on we’d spend most of our days at work just talking and finding excuses to work on projects together. He always claimed I was flirting with him and I’d always deny it to keep myself from crossing the line. His other relationship ended and we saw each other at a country bar that we both loved and a few drinks in, my flirty self bet him that he wouldn’t kiss me, and he did, in the middle of the dance floor with no one else around. We hung out every single day after that, but he would have to sneak in my window as my roommate was another leader who knew him. He quickly put in a transfer to another location and asked me to be his girlfriend on 1/11!

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how they asked

I knew two weeks into our relationship that I was going to marry Chris. We were at a bar in Daytona with some friends who were in town and he was just playing pool and I was watching from the side when I just blurted out “I’m going to marry him”. His best friend was standing right beside me and neither of us could believe what I just said. I swore to myself I wouldn’t tell Chris and freak him out, but a few drinks later I told him and turns out he’d thought the same thing already! We basically had our wedding planned before we’d even dated 6 months and after meeting, and seeing us together, both of our parents were waiting for an engagement to come. He kept saying he was saving for a ring but we both knew that was still a while away as we were just becoming financially stable. In the beginning of October I started getting a feeling he had bought a ring. We share an iPad and I’d be on it and weird texts would pop up and then he’d start hiding texts from our mutual friends. He started jokingly getting on one knee and leaving notes saying “marry me” which just made me more anxious!

Since we basically already had our wedding planned we set up a few wedding venue tours in Daytona for November 2nd because we were off together. After the first tour we had some time to kill so I asked if we could walk on the beach. There was basically no one else there that day and the weather was perfect. We passed another couple and Chris suggested we ask them to take a photo. A small wave hit my feet causing me to turn as he handed them his phone and apparently that’s when he told them to take a video instead. We took one “photo” then he moved me in front of him, I felt him back away, and I turned around to see him getting down on one knee! It was intimate and the perfect start to forever❤️

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