Savannah and Brayden

how we met

Brayden and I met at college! I met his sister the summer of 2016 which was before our freshman year of college. She was in my hometown at a restaurant called Wahlburgers and we both had a Lee University T-shirt on. We then exchanged our social media accounts so we could stay in touch when we went to college. I saw she had a brother and was like ooooo dang. So I followed him on all social media and we started talking during my second semester as a freshman. May 2020 will be our 3rd year together!

how they asked

The proposal was so perfect! My fiancé proposed to me on his birthday. He texted me a few days before saying he had everything planned out for his birthday and that’s what got me suspicious because I already told him I was going to take him out for his birthday! So of course, I prepared just in case! We went and got pizza for dinner and he only got one slice of cheese.. he usually gets the pizza of the month or more than one piece so I got suspicious again! I looked at his pockets to see if I could find the ring box and didn’t see one. So I stopped thinking about it! He then went to the bathroom for a very long time and was just acting quiet. So I was like, dang- this could be happening today. So we went to go walk by one of our favorite spots on the bridge in KY. I surprised him on his birthday the first year we were dating and we walked the bridge. We parked and started walking to a different area that was away from the bridge but he had told me the bridge was a quick walk so we could just take our time. This is his hometown so he definitely knows it better than I do. HE THEN GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE! I did not expect the moment at ALL. I thought if he was going to propose tonight, it’ll be on the bridge! Turns out the bridge was a couple miles away! The reason why he didn’t propose on the bridge is because the photographer texted him during dinner saying there was an event going on called “waterfront Wednesday” so the bridge was packed. That’s why he went to the bathroom for so long because my fiancé and the photographer was trying to figure out a different location!We then went back to his parents house where we were suppose to have a “going away to college” get together for his youngest sister.. turns out it was an engagement party for us! Oh, but there is more. Recently I lost my father from cancer and my mom has been back home in a Florida. I kept telling my fiancé in the car how I wish my mom was here to see all of this.. I told him I was going to fly home soon so I could see her. As we get to his parents house, I’m hugging all the sweet family members and in the living room was my mom! My fiancé’s parents flew my mom last minute from Florida to Indiana so she could celebrate this beautiful day with us! It was all just SO perfect.

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