Savannah and Arne

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How We Met

I first met Arne through high school friends when I was fifteen years old on Valentine’s Day but I didn’t realize I was falling for his charm for another six months. Through that time, he was interested in another girl and I dated his best friend – only for a month though! In August that year, we both attended a friend’s birthday party at a beautiful lake house. He thought I was flirting with him but of course I was just being my friendly bubbly self! About a month later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. At fifteen years old, I had no idea that I was about to fall in love with a young man that would continue to be my high school sweetheart, long distance college love and future husband. But six years later, he asked me an even bigger question to which I already knew my answer.

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how they asked

For the past four years, Arne and I have been long distance while attending our respective universities. In November, I flew out to Bozeman, Montana for a weekend to visit him to which he suggested I pack my hiking boots for an adventure. This was nothing out of the ordinary but little did I know that I would be welcomed with about two feet of snow on the ground! So our hike turned into a glorified walk. With some friends joining us, we walked around in the snow for a short while, taking in the beautiful mountain views before heading down closer to the water. Arne asked a friend if he could take a few pictures of the two of us in the snow, to which after a few clicks of the camera I was about to turn to the other couple with us to suggest they also get some pictures. However, Arne interrupted me by saying, “Wait, we need one more…” and I responded, ” With what?” – as we are not the goofy picture kind of couple. In this moment, Arne dropped to one knee and said “Sweetheart…” to which I may or may not have twirled in a circle while screaming with excitement.

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