Savannah and Alex


How We Met

In January 2011, I was a senior in high school. My best friend Logan was in her first year at North Carolina State University. She invited me to go to a party at Theta Chi, the fraternity where my future husband, Alex, was pledging. It was an 80’s themed rave party, and their house was packed. We were both at that party–but it was not the night we met.

Fast forward to July 2013. It was the summer before my junior year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My friend Kallie, is was my Phi Mu sorority sister, invited me to a party that her friend Adrienne was invited to by Josh, one of Alex’s best friends. Usually, during summers, I liked to lay low, relax, and hang at the beach, but I hung back from the beach that weekend to go to the party with Kallie and Adrienne. The party was great, I knew a lot of people since it was in Raleigh where I grew up, and was so happy I went. Alex was there too–but we still did not meet.

The following weekend, Dayton and Josh, Alex’s friends who lived in the house, invited us to come over for a “party” following the Luke Bryan concert. We did not have tickets to the concert, but agreed to go over once they were back from the concert. I hung back from the beach again that weekend, since the previous weekend had been so fun and I saw so many old friends (who happened to be friends with both Alex and I). I volunteered to drive, so we piled in my Jeep and headed to Josh’s house. When we got there, there was no one there except 7 guys post-concert in rain jackets and mud since it has poured that night. It was SO awkward walking in–it definitely was not a party. We decide to stay, and that was when I noticed Alex. He had to be the cutest guy I’d ever seen. Once I saw his smile, I was sold. I knew I had to talk to him.

After awhile, I found myself in a conversation with him, which was one of the easiest conversations I had ever had in my life. We bonded over the fact I went to UNC Chapel Hill-and that his mom and grandmother both graduated from UNC -so it held a special place in his heart. After a couple hours, everyone there was starting to claim couches and go to sleep, because it was nearly 3 am. I asked if he was going to sleep there, and he said he would because he didn’t have a way to get back to his apartment. Since I was the DD that night for my friends, I volunteered to drive him home (because I did not want the conversation to end). I drove him home and we kept talking about sports the whole way home, and when I dropped him off we exchanged numbers. He texted me on my way home, thanking me for the ride, and I knew I was done. I even texted my mom “I just met my husband.”

We went on our first official date to sushi a couple days later, and in what I can only describe as a whirlwind summer romance–he asked me to officially be his girlfriend, after knowing each other for 10 days.


From meeting Alex, I learned that God truly has a plan for everyone, and will wait for His perfect timing to put that one, amazing person in your life–even if you had crossed paths several times before.


how they asked

Alex proposed on August 12, 2016, after just over 3 years together. When I graduated from UNC in May 2015, I accepted a job offer to work for Vineyard Vines HQ in Stamford, CT. Alex and I have always supported each other in our dreams and careers, and knew long distance would not be fun or easy, but something we’d need to do at this point in our lives. After a year of long distance, I have become all too familiar with NYC’s LaGuardia airport, and especially with flight delays. It was just another Friday, I headed to the airport after work to catch my flight into Raleigh. I was sitting in the airport, and my flight kept getting delayed. I did not think anything of it, as my dad and brother were supposed to be in the Outer Banks, and Alex and I were going to head to the lake with my family early Saturday morning.

Earlier that day, Alex texted me that he was craving one of our favorite fast food restaurants, BSkis, which is at UNC. We ate there so many times while I was in college–and have driven from Raleigh to Chapel Hill for it many times since. When I finally landed around 10:30 pm Friday night, Alex asked if I would mind driving to UNC with him for BSkis. I never pass up a chance to visit the gorgeous campus, and even though I was exhausted, I said yes. We drove to campus, and usually, Alex lets me play the music in his car through his phone. He wasn’t letting me near his phone–yet I still didn’t think anything of it. We got to UNC and parked, and he suggested we take a quick walk through campus since we hadn’t been back in awhile. He knew I would never turn down a stroll around one of my favorite places.

We start walking through Polk Place, which is the quad that houses the Old Well, UNC’s most famous landmark. As we got closer to the Old Well, Alex starts saying all these sweet things to me. People always say that when you are getting proposed to, you completely black out because you can’t believe it’s happening. I always thought I’d be different and be able to absorb the amazing things the person you love is saying to you, but everyone else was right. I don’t remember a thing. We got to the Old Well, and Alex got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Savannah and Alex De's Engagement in UNC Chapel Hill at the Old Well




After he asked, both of our families came out from hiding! My sister had been behind a bush nearby taking photos and video of the whole thing. It was the biggest surprise, because everyone involved had amazing cover stories, making it hard for me to even think they would be there.


We celebrated at Top of the Hill, my favorite bar, for drinks afterwards, and spent the whole rest of the weekend enjoying newly-engaged life. Alex and I will get married in October 2017 in Raleigh, NC, and many of our friends who were instrumental in us meeting will stand at our sides as we say “I do.” Alex is the best friend I could ever asked for, and I cannot wait to spend my life with him!