Savannah and Adam

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How We Met

We met during my first semester at college, his sophomore year. We met through mutual friends and would occasionally see each other in big groups. As the semester ended I have some friends tell me he was interested in me. I just shook it off because I was really homesick and planning on transferring at the end of the year and didn’t want to start anything serious and then have to do long distance. But it was getting clear that he was pursuing me. Every time I saw him he would give me a long hug and would be 110% into whatever I was saying. Christmas break came and I was really homesick, like crying and asking my parents if they would just let me stay home. We texted briefly over break and I told him how much I hated going to GCU and just wanted to transfer home. He convinced me that it would be fine and that I needed to at least give it a year. We got back to school and the first day he asked me to go to chapel and lunch with him. Little did I know we would start getting lunch (and dinner) together every single day.

We continued to hang out and be together almost every night because he convinced me to play on his intramural basketball team since I played in high school. The other girls on the team were like oh my gosh he totally likes you just give him a chance and go out with him. The last week in January he asked me if I would go on a date with him and I said yes. Our first date was January 31, 2014. On our first date he had come into my room and laid out 3 outfit choices for me while I was at class and told me to be ready at 530. I got all dressed and we went to PF Changs (one of my favorite restaurants). Then, to my surprise, we went to one of those trampoline world places. He knew I had grown up with a trampoline and had missed it being at college. Anyway, I was confused because I was wearing a dress. Then Adam grabbed a bag out of the back of his car and he had packed me athletic clothes! We spent an hour there and then went to cold stone. Perfect night.

BUT then I got back to my dorm room and he had flowers and a handwritten front and back page note on my desk! Talk about a perfect ending to the night! We continued to get to know each other over the next several weeks and decided that we didn’t want to make it official until we met each other’s families. We are both from Colorado. (That worked out niceJ). So over spring break we flew home and spend some time at his house and then at mine where he asked my dad if he could date me! But my family was going to Hawaii so we didn’t get very much time! When I flew back to phoenix from Hawaii he was there to pick me up with a sign that said “Lets make this o-fish” and some flowers! SO cute. We have been falling in love ever since.

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how they asked

So Friday morning (2/11/17) I woke up and thought it was going to be another normal day of studying for my NCLEX (the national nursing exam). Little did I know my soon to be fiancé had a different plan for me. I received the normal good morning text from him but it said, “today is not going to be how you think it is hahaha…..please look at your email that I sent you to see what I’m talking about! I can’t wait to see you again, read the email, follow the directions, and good luck.” So I check my email to see he had just sent me a very long email titled “It’s time baby!!!!!!” with a set of rules and instructions for my day (“did you really think it was going to be that simple,” he said).

I was to follow every clue in order and I was not allowed to contact him. The first thing I had to do was watch a video clip from the movie National Treasure. It was a five-minute clip where they are deciphering the code on the back of the Declaration of Independence. The point of watching that was to tell me that I would need a key for the day. I have kept every letter that Adam has written me in a shadow box with flowers he gave me when we first started dating. He told me to get the first letter that he ever wrote me from my box and that would guide me throughout my day. My first clue was behind my bed. Each clue had several sets of three numbers and each set was one letter.

For example if the numbers were 4, 7, 1, I would go to the 4th line, 7th word, and 1st letter. So he sent me to find clues under my bathroom rug, in the tortillas, behind the flowers on my wall, in the gym, in my car, at the pickle ball courts we play at, in his mail box, with our friend at work, to my favorite restaurant for lunch, and back to our apartment in my hunter boots. The last clue said, “hike camel-back, sorry.” At this point I was so confused because I was pretty sure he was at work so I didn’t know what to expect at the top. The top of camel-back is a special place for us because it is where he first told me he loved me. J But anyway, I hiked all the way up there with my roommate and when we got to the top she said you can see your last clue from here…I had no idea what to look for. I didn’t know if I was looking for something or someone? Then she said check your email. Adam had just sent me a flight confirmation to go home that night. (You can see the airport from the top of camel-back).

I was so surprised and so excited that my family was going to be a part of this special time in our lives. When I got to the airport I didn’t know if I would be flying alone or with Adam. I flew alone and my parents were at the airport to pick me up! My mom told me I needed to be ready at 9:30 the next morning. The next morning we got up and started driving, I didn’t know where we were going but slowly started to figure it out as we got closer and closer. It was a two-hour drive! Talk about serious anxiety! With about 5 minutes left I realized we were going to one of my favorite places in Colorado, Sapphire Point Outlook. This is such a special place for Adam and I and we have shared many fun memories there. When we got there his mom was there! That was such a sweet surprise. I then emotionally walked down to the outlook point to see my handsome fiancé there waiting for me.

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J And also to my surprise, his roommate, and our good friend, Alex White was there to capture the moment! After not seeing him and talking to him throughout this process, it was so special to experience that moment with him. He asked, and I obviously said yes!

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My family and his mom came down and we were able to take pictures with them. We all went to lunch and to my surprise Adam had also planned for us to go look at a venue we had in mind! It was such a fun day and everything went so well. I was completely surprised and am so excited to start this new chapter of my life with my fiancé!!! We are so thankful for all of the love and support that we had received! To God be the glory!

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Special Thanks

Alex White
 | Took AMAZING pictures!