Savannah and Alex

How We Met

We met in college at Georgia Tech. He majored in Computer Science and I majored in Civil Engineering. We met through mutual friends our freshman year, and we were friends for about a year before our first date. One day he asked me to his fraternity’s formal in Charleston, South Carolina and we started dating right after that!

How They Asked

We had been planing a trip to Europe as a big graduation present after we both graduated from college. One of our stops was Ireland, and we took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. We were at the top of the cliffs admiring the view; I turned around and he was down on one knee! It was an absolute surprise, and I completely freaked out! I was speechless for about 3 minutes, then I started quizzing him with questions. I think it took me 10 minutes to finally say yes, but I am so happy I did!

Special Thanks

Jessie Felix Photography
 | Photography