Savanna and Andrew's Disneyland Proposal

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how we met – savanna

The story of how we met is not a super exciting tale, no sparks or story book beginning. But it is special to us, because it is our beginning. It was the summer of 2013, I was working at Starbucks when a familiar looking redhead walked in the door. According to him, he had been coming into my story almost every day before school to do homework, but strangely enough, our paths had never crossed. And the only reason he looked familiar was because I recalled Andrews face from his profile popping up in my Facebook feed as a suggested friend. We had mutual friends, and I had photographed a few of his friends senior pictures. Unbeknownst to me, he knew exactly who I was.

I introduced myself in the friendly way I greeted everyone that came to the counter, except this time I asked, “hey I think I know you, are you Andrew?” He was quite shy and awkward. But from there, our paths kept crossing, friends graduations, parties and events, and we began communicating regularly. We found we had a lot in common, but I never thought of him as more than a friend. That is until my family started giving me a hard time about texting him morning, noon, and night. At the time he thought I would never be interested, but was crushing hard. Fast forward a few months, and we started dating August 28th!

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how they asked – savanna

It was supposed to be a “family only“ vacation to Disneyland. We haven’t all been, just the 4 of us, my mom, dad, sister and I, since I was about 11. So no boyfriends allowed, minimal technology distractions; we were all looking forward to the little break, just spending time as a family. But if I’m being honest, I was a little sad to not have my favorite person with me. I even asked on a few occasions if we could just make an exception and let him come But he was busy with “studying for finals” and it would be hard to get that much time off work, or so he told me ::wink wink:: So I was ready for a week with my fam and all the memories that were about to be made. Little did I know that everyone had a little something up their sleeves, and boy, did they have me fooled!

My sneaky boy posted a cute picture and RIDICULOUSLY swoon-worthy post on Monday when my family drove out to CA. Just another part of his devious plan to make me think he was in AZ pining away and wishing he was with me.

Then on our 1st day at Disneyland, after we went on a few rides and I had texted Andrew many pictures and videos of us havin’ fun, my family had met up with a friend, Miss Kelsey, in front of the castle (an important move, right where they wanted me!) where we proceeded to take some pictures, catch up with our friend and plan the rest of our day.

Little did I know what was about to happen! Andrew texted me to tell me my mom was carrying a little early Christmas present from him, just something to say he loved and missed me. I even ignored the text for a few minutes so as to not appear rude on my phone. I finally asked my mom for the gift, a beautiful book filled with illustrations of our story together connected by a continuous poem.

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I had no idea what was going on until I got to the last page (you’ll see what I mean when you see the last page, pictured almost towards the end of this post), looked up, and there he was!

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Walking towards me, getting down on one knee, asking me those 4 words and opening a little box. I was in shock! I hugged him tight, I was SO happy to see him, that he was actually there! I forgot to answer until he asked again, then YES YES YES I squealed!

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The AMAZING Jaime Davis came to capture this once in a lifetime moment and spend some time with us! I cannot even begin to say what a blessing it was to have her there, these images mean more to me than words can express. You are ridiculous miss Jaime, we LOVE you, are so grateful for you, and are SO glad it was you who was part of making it so magical and fun! Everyone had a feeling my little sis would be more emotional than me, and boy were they right! But it melted my heart. I like to say she cried for the both of us since I was just so excited!! I am SO glad Jaime captured those special moments of her, I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even realize she was crying till after!

The moment I realized Jaime was there was one of my favorite pictures ever. I got butterflies all over again and couldn’t stop smiling! This whole crew went above and beyond to pull off the surprise of a lifetime, so when I saw a photographer AND videographer there, (yes, there were even videographers there! Go big or go home!) the amazing Brett Fraley and Grayson Golba from Trinity Productions, I was speechless. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

My ridiculously talented future-sis-in-law, Nicole, illustrated this entire book. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to have her make books for all my kids someday. It still amazes me how detailed everything is. Some of the illustrations were even taken from real images, our 1st date, my birthday etc.

how they asked – andrew

It all started exactly a year earlier, on December 1, 2014. Savanna and I went to Liberty Market in Downtown Gilbert to get dinner. Over a plate of macaroni and cheese, she started showing me pictures of engagement rings that she liked. Maybe she wasn’t trying to drop a hint, but it really didn’t matter. It made me feel a thousand kinds of wonderful to begin to think about spending the rest of my life with her, and those pictures on Pinterest were the only hint I needed.

As soon as I began to think about proposing, I knew immediately where I wanted to do it. I remember dreaming—when I was much younger—of dating a girl that would want to be proposed to in Disneyland. Savanna and I had been there twice together, and both had been magical trips. I knew it would be a dream come true for both of us. I talked to Savanna’s parents, and we began brainstorming ideas. We decided that they would plan a family trip the following December, and I would show up and surprise her. The difficult part was deciding how I would actually pop the question.

Enter my incredibly talented sister, Nicole. We came up with the idea to have her draw pictures of some of Savanna and my favorite memories. The result was a beautifully illustrated book that told the story of our relationship. It started with a picture of our serendipitous meeting at Starbucks and ended with a drawing of me proposing to Savanna in front of the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

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The plan was almost complete: but before the big day, I was so lucky to be able to contact Jaime Davis, who agreed to meet me in Disneyland and photograph the whole thing!

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Finally, the day arrived. I had given the Proposal Book to Savanna’s mom, who tucked in away in a backpack. Savanna’s family had already been in the park for a couple hours, and Savanna was totally unaware that I had snuck in. When the time was right (family pictures in front of the castle!) I texted Savanna to tell her that I missed her and had given her mom an early present to give to her from me.

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Savanna unwrapped the book while I watched from behind a tree. As she flipped through the book, reliving the two and a half years we had spent together, I was holding the ring in my shaking hands. Finally, she flipped to the last page—the only picture in the book that wasn’t a memory yet.

She looked just like you’d want her to, with her sparkling mouse ears and her incredulous smile; just like some kind of charming American princess. The sunlight streamed over the spires of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle standing in the background as I walked up, a small box in my hand and a familiar question on my lips…..

She immediately put her hand over her mouth and looked up to see me walking towards her. I got down on one knee, just like in the picture, and asked her to marry me. She was so excited that she just hugged me and forgot to say yes!

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