Savanna and Travis

How We Met

We met in high school, I was dating someone else, and he was very shy. I hung out with his friends but he never seemed to be around. It wasn’t until we were both out of high school when he had gotten in touch with me, it was actually because I was hanging out with friends at his house (yet he still wasn’t there). He claims he had always had a crush on me since he first saw me. But my life has never had a dull moment since he walked into it.

how they asked

Disney World has always been my absolute favorite place and I have always been obsessed with anything Disney. My family took Travis on his first trip to Disney a year and half ago and he has been hooked ever since. We went again in September 2016 and then again this past May. I have always dreamed of getting married in Disney but the expenses are just crazy. So, Travis thought since he couldn’t give me a Disney wedding, a Disney proposal would be the next best thing. We were in front of the castle having our picture taken and then he gets on one knee. At this point I am shocked and of course crying, but I look over to the photographer and there is our families!! I had no idea that they all were Disney also to witness this moment. It was absolutely magical and everything I could’ve ever dreamed of ❤️

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World