Savanna and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met on May 3, 2014 at Southern Gap Raceway. Coming from the small town I do, my dad decided he wanted to start racing go karts that year. We get to the track and once we get settled in I notice this extremely handsome guy who happened to be parked right beside of us. That handsome guy, was Ryan!

how they asked

Ryan told me we were going to eat with his family at Painter Creek Marina. After we ate he said we were going to take pictures with his cousins Brad, Dara, Connor, & Jase. They wanted to take pictures of their two kids, Connor and Jase, beside the lake. When we got there we drove around to find a place to take pictures. After we found a place, Dara and her mom went to take pictures of Connor and Jase, but little did I know that they were setting up the proposal right beside me! Brad, Ryan, and I all stood over next to a tree while they took pictures by the water. We decided to walk down to the water too and I started to walk to the right of Connor and Jase but Dara told me to go around and when I did, they turned around with the burlap signs saying, “Will you marry me?” I was shocked! I cried and cried as I turned around to Ryan down on one knee. I am still on cloud nine to this day. I love you Ryan!

Image 1 of Savanna and Ryan

Image 2 of Savanna and Ryan

Image 3 of Savanna and Ryan