Savanna and Justin


How We Met

Justin and I met in high school working for a veterinarian clinic. We were just acquaintances at the time until we discovered not only were we at the same university years later, we were neighbors. Truly, we shared a porch between our townhomes! From acquaintances we grew to be very close friends, sharing almost every day and college memory. Finally, in my senior year, I realized I developed feelings for him and let him know that Valentine’s Day (a motivator may have been seeing him swoon over another girl, that’s neither here nor there). It’s been an adventure together ever since!

how they asked

Other people’s favorite holiday tends to be Christmas or Thanksgiving, but mine definitely is Fourth of July. I love the patriotism and the pride and the amazing firework displays. Justin learned this very early on in the relationship. We moved to Minnesota for my career and his medical training and both had heard about his beautiful city up north called Duluth, MN. Justin planned a surprise Fourth of July weekend to Duluth and we did everything from hiking to biking to dining. To watch the fireworks, Justin got VIP spots on a small cruise ship that floated on Lake Superior.

Before we got on the boat, an older couple began talking to us and telling us how happy we looked and asked how long we’ve been married and Justin’s nerves started kicking in. We loaded onto the boat and the attendant started going over safety regulations and then said “oh, and there’s someone on this boat who wanted to share a special moment with all of us today” and I saw Justin stand up and start speaking into a microphone asking him to be his wife. We both kind of blurred out all of the small words in the speech but it still is and will forever be one of the most special moments between us.

Where to Propose in Duluth, MN