Savanna and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met in college at IUPUI. We were studying for the same degree so we had known each other for a couple years. Our senior we were placed in the same capstone class and ended up in the same project group. That gave us plenty of time to spend together. The last week of the last semester of school our capstone group went out to dinner to celebrate the completion of our project. We all had a great time and that night Jordan texted me to make sure I had gotten home okay. We saw each other one last time at school to present our project to our professor and take our last final exam. After we finished our final Jordan asked if I would like to grab lunch with him. I gladly accepted his invitation and we made our way across campus to this little restaurant and grabbed a breakfast/lunch and a beer. We spent about an hour getting to know each other better and I just knew there was something special about him. I left kind of sad knowing this would be the last time I saw him unless I happened to run into him during our graduation ceremony that upcoming weekend. Well I’m assuming he felt the same way because he texted me to make sure I got home okay again. We spent the week chatting back and forth through text and the day of graduation he asked me to save a spot for him in line. That day felt like forever waiting to see him again. It was about noon and I looked up.. there he is; walking through the door with this huge smile on his face. We sat through our graduation ceremony together and when it was over we walked out into the hall, he gave me a huge hug and we parted ways again. But at this point I knew I was going to let him go. We texted the whole day and it was made clear that we both felt the same way about each other. A few days later I was at work and I walked about the corner of the bar and there he was; sitting at the bar with that big smile on his face again. My shift was over around 10pm and we sat in my car in the parking lot and talked until 4am. We have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

The proposal was a complete surprise. It was Mother’s Day 2019. Myself, Jordan, my mom, and my son Lukas were going to Jordan’s moms house to spend the day with his family. My mom hadn’t met his family yet so we were all sitting around talking and our parents were getting to know each other. Jordan asked Lukas to help him with something and I went into the kitchen to grab something to drink. I looked up and everyone was staring at me, so I turned around and there they were. Jordan told me how much I meant to him, how much he loved Lukas and I, and that he couldn’t live without us. He got down on one knee with Lukas’ arms wrapped around him and Lukas said, “Mommy will you marry Jordan?’ Of course I said yes and the rest was history.

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