Savanna and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met through mutual friends in high school, we both had a crush on one another, but we didn’t really know each other well and neither one of us made the first move. Fast forward a couple months and Chris went away for our first semester of college while I stayed home and went to our local university. However, Chris decided to transfer back home his second semester, and that winter break he sought me out and made a point to ask me to coffee. Chris and I met at our favorite local coffee shop, and the connection was instant. I have never met someone and clicked like I did with Chris, and he truly feels like home. A couple weeks in to dating, Chris and I knew we were done searching for the one God made for us and we expressed that with one another, and we began praying for our journey and the day that we got express that to the world with the commitment of an engagement.

how they asked

On our very first date, Chris had picked me up on a Monday (college kid school night) with flowers and taken me to a local restaurant in our town. While at dinner, Chris expressed that he had planned to take me to Nashville TN (we live 45 minutes away), but some friends had said that might be too adventurous and risky for a first date. However, I told him that I would love to go because I had never really been. So after dinner, we hopped in the car and drove solely to get ice cream and walk around a town that we’ve lived so close to but never truly experienced before. We always joke that it was a random Monday night, but we were spontaneous and that set the mood for the rest of our relationship. Fast forward, and Chris had called me to come home from work and when I arrived, there were roses all throughout my house, from my front door to my mirror to my closet door, with notes telling me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, and how we are “being spontaneous” tonight. Chris picked me up and brought me to the restaurant our first date was at, then to Nashville to eat ice cream and walk around the same road we walked around that first night, and then we headed to Love Circle, the spot on the top of a hill that overlooks all of Nashville TN, where we ended our very first date. When we walked up the hill, I saw signs hand made by my mom, a pathway leading up to a heart made of pictures of Chris and my relationship over the years, and daddies just like the ones he got me on our first date. Chris got down on one knee and promised to spend the rest of his life with me, and I cried my eyes out.

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Chris incorporated so many things that were so special to us, including the verses 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 on the signs hand made by my mom, the verse my dad has said he wants us to incorporate into our lives. Everything was so perfect and I am so joyful!

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