Savanna and Andy

How We Met

Our love story is one straight out of Platteville. We met on New Year’s Eve 2014 in downtown Platteville of all places! But when forever seems to be the destiny, why not start 2015 with the right person! After heading out of town, we found out that both of us were in the Juneau County area over winter breaks. Andy decided to take me on a tour of the area since I was new. We spent a few hours driving around and talking like we had known each other forever. A couple nights later, Andy came over to my apartment to watch the 1st College Football Championship game and we knew we’d be great for each other. Fast forward to many trips to Platteville, Chilton, Mauston, Appleton, and Sturgeon Bay and here we are! Engaged and on our way to forever!

how they asked

Oblivious. Andy’s so lucky that word described me that day. I thought it was like any new regular Saturday for us. I had just finished the school year and completed my moved to Sturgeon Bay the day prior. We ate breakfast and went to the gym like we always do, Andy playing it off. He kept asking me what I would like to do as we explored Door County that afternoon. I told him it didn’t matter as long as wine was involved!

As we were getting ready, Andy seemed particularly interested in what BOTH of us were going to wear that day. I didn’t think much of that and just decided that he wanted our first new Door County adventure to be nicer than an old t-shirt and Nike shorts style.

Our first stop was at Harbor Ridge Winery between Carlsville and Egg Harbor. We shared a bottle of wine, relaxed in the gazebo, and enjoyed spending time together at the official start of summer. We went back into the store to look and Andy suggested we buy a bottle to take home. I, of course, agreed! It did seem odd to me when he picked out a Titletown wine. I asked why that one and he replied,”For a special occasion.” I was confused and asked WHAT special occasion?? “Like you getting a job or something…” I agreed and continued to wander along with him.

Next, we continued along the peninsula and stopped at Wilson’s in Ephraim for the most delicious ice cream! We took a short walk and visited Anderson’s Dock right along the water. We slow danced right by the water and I swore he was going to propose then…but he didn’t. I thought, “Oh well. The time will be right some day…”

Finally, Andy drove us to Cave Point County Park, near Peninsula State Park. He seemed a little “off” and put a Kwik Trip bag in his pocket (I somehow missed this being put into the car, but dismissed it as “It’s Andy, who knows”). We started walking on a trail that connects the two parks, which is one of our favorite trails. I mentioned to Andy that it was a little muddy for my liking with the sandals I happened to be wearing, but on he trudged as if on a mission. I just assumed he didn’t hear me.

When we got to a point where we had taken one of our first pictures together, he stopped. He said, “I know the anniversary letter I wrote you wasn’t much, so I wrote you this poem.” He commenced in reading me the most amazing poem titled “The One” that made me laugh, cry, and get this feeling that something big was going to happen. When he finished reading his work, he got down on one knee, looked up at me, and asked me to marry him! I responded enthusiastically while crying, “Yes! Of course, yes!”

Out of the woodwork came a photographer, who Andy hired, and caught the whole moment! I was amazed and astonished. We celebrated by taking a few beautiful pictures and then going home to dry off from the waves! What an unforgettable moment in our lives to be remembered forever.

Andy decided that this tour of Door County was the perfect way to propose since our first real time together was spent on our tour of Juneau County. He is simply the sweetest.

Special Thanks

Jason Mann Photography