Savanna and Alex

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How We Met

We knew each other from high school I had acrush on him and he had a crush on me, but never did anything. Few years later we ran into each other at bar we exchanged numbers.

how they asked

It was my brothers graduation party all of our family was there, my brother was giving a speech how much he loves us and everything he is doing is for us. Then he addressed me specifically because we are only 13 months apart so we grew up really close, then my fiancée sister came in with a bouquet of sunflowers my favorite in the flowers it said “remember when I said we’d be together forever” do you trust me? Put this blind fold on, so my brother tied a cloth around my eyes. My fiancé played our song we are all we need by above and beyond, my brother my mom and his family had this all planned out, finally they took the blind fold off and it said marry me in big gold balloons I was looking for him and I turned around he was down on one knee, I was so over joyed it was a dream come true to marry him.

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We hugged and cried with happiness. It was beautiful that he did it in front of all my family.

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Special Thanks

Emmanuel avalos
 | Brother helped with my fiancé
Stephanie Aguayo
 | Helped put the proposal
Cynthia sagarnaga
 | Helped with proposal